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For a while someone needs a little help
To repair an old Toy .
After some fights with the destroyed
Old fashioned motherboard inside , i replaced
The also destoyed Atmel with my favorite
Tool for Rapid Development, the
Micromite. Its a pic32 with an Basic interpreter
Called Mmbasic.

I repaired the Display to show the time , the sound to make
Music , much switches and relays and so on ...

Here ist the result :

Other videos from this are on my channel .


Arduino ins't BASIC, but is very easy too.

The song in the video awesome  =D =D =D

Kitty Hello

Is that the right video? I see a rodeo machine.

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Yap look in my youtube# called plasmamac.
Some other videos are uploaded there.
Currently i create an app with glbasic for the bull
To move and rotate the bull over wlan .
Iam awaiting these cheap wifimodule from seedstudio.
Hope you like it.


Uau...I´d never had thought of that... :O



Nothing wrong, but I wasn´t expecting such use of GLBasic, I would not even know how to do it.


easy Erico , the micromite in the bull provides a serial port, on this port i bind a wifi modul wifi
with serial i/o . on the start the modul open an a hoc wlan network.
join in the provided network with a tab or a handy.
send some strings with the network commands in glbasic to the micromite.
micromite test the strings and do something if the strings correct.

whats all.

the really fun with booth is the use of basic. Glbasic for the Tablet/phone  and Mmbasic for the bull.

@ Mentalthink yea i can use also an arduino but the owner from the bull isnt a programmer and
if he will change something in the code he need help.
with basic and a good structured code he need not much help only some tipps.
its an old bull and sometimes "he has his own head" ;) .