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The Famous Micromit !

Micromite is a 32 bit Pic controller with
Inbuild MMbasic .
Runs on max 48 mhz and have 19 i/o Ports
The mmbasic interpreter provide the i2c protocol
so you can build your own Devices with.
Its a little bit the Picaxe but much cooler !

If anyone will join the Beta and have no pickit3
Send me a Pn and i send you some IC for the
Real price from

My first start is to switch a Led , programming
In MMbasic.

Now i can expand every board with my personal
Chips , i think this is real cool so i open this thread .

Micromite :

Ian Price

Cool. Have you got any practical ideas for this?
I came. I saw. I played.


finally i can build my "own" word clock

no atmel , no  arduino , no other stuff , only one chip programmed in basic and easy to solder.

many other Ideas but not many time for.... :blink:


The good things about this kind of uControllers it's the easiest way for do very imporessive things... I with Glbasic and Arduino I do with a Windows 6.5 a simple project but interesting... You can put on//off a lot of devices of your home... only needs a BT for arduino the Arduino and a board with switches for high voltage...

The code it's really Easy and Windows CE it's use the COM library of Gernnot...

The good point of Arduino, it's have a lot of devices like add on and ins't Basic but really it's very very easy, and you have libs for all you need, was sell like the OpenSource Electronics, but I think this has been the bussines of this last years ...

The cool it's the history they begun only making 100 chips, no more money, I don't know if this guys now are rich, but really they changes the industry of electronics devices.

I stay alert about your news, it's very interesting all thins kind of projects (Marmor don't you have a Blog for put all this nice things. ?¿)


LED go blink blink.  :D This would be exciting a year ago but there's a fine line between design and sales.

As an electronic engineer, place more effort in what you create and not what you dream to make!  :zzz: