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Hi ,

A Friend of mine shows me his brandnew
Smartphone , a LG G2.

Its really smart , a little bit like Note 2-3
and its really fast.

Antutu over 30000 points.
Also the display looks great.

If i have a bit moore time i rund the spritespeed tester .


Great, also, if possible, check if it displays 24bit or 16bit images from GLB programs.



Really nice mobile, but really expensive... It's corious like tablets are in some cases really cheapers than phones... I ear this it's cause problems calculing Stocks looking to Apple with the first iPad... seems too much tablets in boxes yet!


maybe. I´m almost absolutely happy with this note II I got here.
There is one problem...way hard to find anything good as creative apps, other than that, all great.

I love bigger phones, they fit well on my orango tango hand :D
Can´t type on smaller devices, feels like trying to draw with a boxer glove. :D


None on a android devices I'm tested on have shown rgb888 and have no idea why. It's look like its a sdl limit or something is setup wrong. So on android do allways except a rgb565 screen. I'm even tried to force that rgb888 surface without luck.
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Kitty Hello

the note Il is excellent.I use an app "handrite", which works great for taking notes.

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