So, OUYA. Will YA?

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Ian Price

So is anybody planning to get an OUYA at any point? Did anyone buy into the KickStarter?

I'm still on the side-lines, but if GLB supports it then I'll definitely take a punt.

It's shipping now, and early reviews are so-so, based on the early hard and software. Most criticism that I've read so far focuses on the controller and it's magnetic clip on facias.

Review here -
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If gernot add real jelly bean support as a new platform, then it's would been pretty easy to fully support this console.

Also another issue you can only have one android profile in glbasic, which is quite annoying. That due that console require some changes to the java sdl file (and need one seperate build to Samsung Apps and Google Play, due drm implementing). But we can only have one version of it. Just possible to select a templete folder would been great and easy to add.

Yes it's can support android v2.2, but that mightbeen some issues as well property manifest features mightbeen unsupported? I'm looking on its when its released.
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Ian Price

I'd rather support a static-spec machine like OUYA than general Android devices personally. The specs will never/unlikely  change (anytime soon) and you don't have to try a bunch of different devices to ensure your app works.

I'm pretty much on the fringe of game/app development anyway, designing stuff for limited run handhelds, so even if OUYA fails, there's probably already a nice large market available (or will be). Development for OUYA is all down to Gernot really.

But have you considered getting one, whether or not GLB supports it though?
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the ODK its self is seen to been very easy to been done. Its only require some changes to the for the analoge input controls as well require some javacalls to checkouts its input of them. Howover im are not about the rest of the system (in App purchase, ads system etc, the required changes to manifest.xml for aware of the console etc) will works due SDK 2.2? Here we need to wait.

So if Gernot doing one of the two things:
- Possible to change the main templateproj profile (the primary Android could have one, OUYA could have the second one example).
- Adding "Jelly Bean" as a new platform (the regular Android, NOT the OUYA, but its SDK OUYA is based on).

Then im would been happy to look to look on the ODK, and get the console soon its officially released in EU.

PS. Its a very cool console and seen the support of its is great, but we see what its happens around the release. But its very open anyway.
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ok the price is cheap ! but
i think this is an android device without sim and screen  whats all.
its too late for , because where is a lot new and better hardware flying around.
and compare it with playstation is like compare a trabant with an jaguar.

Ian Price

Spec-wise it won't be able to compete with PS, XBox etc. but it's not trying to. It's there to play Android apps. And there are millions of those - many are free (and apps developed for OUYA have to be free to play (ie demo first, with in-app purchase or whatever).

It doesn't compete price-wise with Android sticks either, but it will have better support and come with a dedicated (if poor?) controller.

So, yeah it shouldn't work and shouldn't really be worth a second look. But it's got a lot of people really excited - players and devs, so it's got to have something. With it's massive KickStarter campaign it will also have an awful lot of users - all eager to try out their new machines...
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For me, its looks very easy to been done, only require few changes to glBasic. Im also want to port Greedy Mouse to that console too.

And no, this console was never meant to been compete with thier big consoles and will never been. Its more like a public console, which all can play on it, and all can dev for it too, without high priced SDK's. This is why im like the console too, even the specs can been lower than the big console (and we should see a update every anyway).

Im do hope they get a good launch, unlike GameGadget, which got a very bad launch.

PS. Im did not pleaced the kickstart, but im planning to preorder soon its possible in EU (example from Amazon, UK).
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Ian Price

GameGadget was poor to begin with and held no potential and was poorly supported. Hopefully this will be the complete opposite.
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As far as I know its just vanilla Android O.S. with its own front end and joy-pad API. GLBasic should be an easy port(famous last words, ha!  :S).


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I'm thinking to buy one... Develop for Android mobiles it's complicated for all the difereces... here it's another android, but always have the same requeriments... something like whit the iphones and the things of Apple...

If the console works fine in the market, can be a good place for sell games... and App


I'll still trying to see if it takes NDK created APK files, but no-one seems to want to reply to my tweets :(


MrT I find this...

Seems not too much problem whit the NDK...


It's mostly only require update to the java code as I'm wrote before. That joypad input part is a no brainer. Only the analogue sticks and buttons might require java calls to get them supported.

It's more about the front end integration, but hopefully it's works with sdk 2.2.

Ndk newest version is 4.0 as I'm aware of, hence it's why they recommended to download that sdk too and not just jelly bean.
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Kitty Hello

What SDK is required? Android10?


We use android8 by now which is v2.2, while ouya uses android14 (v4.0) for the ndk.

Also som ads network integration does not work in v2.2 very well, they require android9 sdk.

I'm just think its property easy to do but just upgrade the sdk and eventuelly possible point to the default newest ndk, but as a new platform of course (also supporting both v2.2 and v4.0).

I'm thinks no changed to glbasic other than that is really required, me thinks? It's just easier for uses by us that uses java calls and mightbeen can uses the new manifest features and its might eventuelly better opengl support (etc Android 14 have much better acceleration support).

But for now I'm would been happy by just possible to select the template project folder...
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