raspberry pi 2

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hi , i bought a pi2 from pollin in the hope we can finally run glb projects on this plattform.
maybe we can use the software rasterizer on one core ?
what do you think ?

all my test on the old rpi are failed  :S


I was just sitting and reading an article about rpi2 when I saw the new-post-email about this topic. Yes I would love to know how this works out for you.


I know absolutely nothing about the lower levels of GLB.
But wouldn´t it be pretty much like the caanoo / pandora compile?

As for using pi´s extra cores, maybe that multithread command could be useful?
I think I have seen some people use it around the forum.
I´m not sure.

I´d also like to see how GLB fares on the new wave of windows-on-a-stick. :good:


looks like golden times will come  :nw:

i mean this runs minecraft  in a small window with 5% cpu usage , and run quake on fullscreen like a charm.


Just I go to put something about Rpy2 , seems don't was bad idea put into the comiler devices, now they comment Rpy2 runs Windows 10, then I think they make all possible to put Rpy2 in any place... Perhaps it's not the time of Rpy2 and GLBasic...

Take in mind guys, be the pionners in something always it's very good, and you have the platform done...

I think I will buy one, this device sound very very interesting (I hope someone do Blender for ARM processor I show 3d in this device and can do very cool things...)


Can anyone upload or link an glb app for rpi ?
Mine is coming today but i have not much time
To write a usefull app for testing or playing with.


Mental, dont get confused with that Win10 announcement. 1st it will still take some time till Win10 will be released and 2nd Win x86 executables will probably still not run on a Win arm device like raspy2.
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ok fine its running now . its really faster ( booting in 22 sev) , youtube is ok , browsing also.

i cant get any of my app running , i create for canoo or raspi ,.

need help...


Hi Kano, yes I suppose the Win in this RPy it's something like tablets, for ARM Cpu's, but the thing it's Windows developing for this device I' sure this give to Rpy a lot of publicity, perhaps the Windows guys put the device in each corner of the planet...  =D , out of kidding I'm sure the Rpy now will sell a lot of devices for this cause...

About the x86 I'm not sure about this I go to say, but AMD in this year beggins to manufacturate ARM Cpu's, perhaps the future it's x86 x64 and ARM   :noggin:


Raspberry pi is already selling like nothing else so no need to worry about that.
They sold 4.5 million so far of the older models. They still sell 200 000 per month. 100 000 was ready for sale on the release day for the version 2.

Even a windows fanatic friend of mine bought one when the first rapsberry pi's started showing up :-)


ok , some raspi compilates are running now.
raspian will not changed the rights if the file on an usb stick  :blink:
i copy the compilat to the desktop , changed the right and add a '.pnd' to the filename from the raspi
project . it works .

u need to set full hd to the project settings  !

is where an option to create it for 4 cpu ? 
and why it works if i put a pnd at the end from the filename .

mystik ...


Nice one Marmor and I ordered one days ago and so my Pi2 is in shipping.


Are the colors working properly on the Rpi 2?


Playmusic , print and loadsprite works .
Color and the rest not testet. I reply soon


Mine arrived today and I'm setting it up too try also.