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much better as i think before !
Today i need to wait for the Haircutter (20 min waiting for  a 10 min cut ,ugly looking after and paying a price from the Moon) so i walking into a Big Technic Center.
After some slendering i realize , i need nothing but maybe look for the new LG TV with Webos.

what should i say , the Tv from LG stands in the Corner, nobody is in interest just me.
i cant say anything about the startuptime because it was powered on.
i cant say anything about the Tv picture quality because not installed. grrrr
But no internet Connection  also! double grrrrr....
I ask if someone can make a connection for me , yap no problem!  yay :)
i ask something about the webos and other questions but he give me the remote with the words:
we have so many Tv i cant know all things , i say its ok i play with .

pros : the remote looks ugly but is really nice and EASY to handle. its move the Cursor fast with no
          jitter or jumps , it needs no calibrate it works a litte bit like a mouse .
          the TV Gui looks ok , not overdressed and to much info
          the reaction time is around 1/2 from the original.
          the preinstalled apps starts with a little delay ,but  it calls the server for updates and test
          the installed app version. the network here was really slow so ill guess it is much faster at
          home .
         all things are smooth and looks ok for me.
          ive testet the intern browser : ok
          testing some streaming media services , no luck because no login ? maybe
the remote works other a wide range and really big angle , i think it works with bluetooth but dunno.

Cons : the cam for gesture costs extra  (129 euro )
i really cant say anything about the tv picture quality but i can say some about the smart from the
smarttv , and yes it is smart!

1099 euro for this tv isnt tooo much at the first look but i will see next week again , maybe i can say someting about the picture quality.

Btw: all people with buying interests are leaded to samsung or other big companys
with higher priced  tv's. wth

after 1h playing with the tv i go home , the haircutter can wait forever :)

( i know my english is  sh... but i think u understand.)

Ian Price

Sounds good. Not had a chance to play with one and I don't really need to upgrade my tv just yet (3D might be nice to have soon, but not right now).

I wonder how different the webOS tv is to other Smart tvs though? Does webOS make anything easier or faster? Pehaps you can pop to the hairdresser's again another day and give us a comparisson! :P
I came. I saw. I played.


imho if you dont know its Webos you will not see it .

i found a menue with opensource from libs and the licenses in the menue.
i like the point "air" mouse because if you have a dark room u see what you do because you feel it.


Is this the Tv, inst it?¿.

Well webos with a very changed face, I think this I comment a lot of time , I think they have the SDK in some place of the web... But really I think TV happends the same with the Watches it's a product don't works fine yet, not like mobile devices...

Paul Smith

Had a Samsung for 8 years, just started to play up.
have a LG 4k webos TV, only had it a week.
3D is great as 1080p TVs split the screen to 540 line for left and 540 for right.
The 4k shows 2x1080p at same time.

dual band WiFi, had no problems yet. Have it set to 5ghz

Start up time is 5 seconds to picture on
Then up to 20 seconds for webos menu to be active.
Menu is good always check for update on the app using
Has crashed once already
4k picture is excellent , through YouTube 4k videos.

Making you own 4k files that work can be tricky.
You need 4k footage( I use power director 12)
Handbrake nightly build ( has H265/HEVC )
Make A mkv with h265 Dolby 5.1
Stick it on a USB drive . it won't work through network servers no sure why.

Not started messing with webos builds yet but I'm sure I will have the TV broke in a few weeks
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Paul Smith

Webos is good for open apps
E.g watch something on YouTube then open Amazon then open Netflix etc , it pauses the app until you return  similar to android
Ideal for playing on Xbox then jumping on to YouTube to find a walkthrough.
All other smart TVs I've tried take up to a minute to even startup the so called smart menu,then the app has to close to open the next app.

Not saying it the best TV in the world, the good points out weigh the bad.
Has a slight picture twitch every now and again. Something to do with the upscaler I think.
My wife think the old TV had better sound.
SD can look worse
BBC HD can look good to amazing,wildlife shows stand out so far
Amstrad CPC 6128, ATARI STE.
Acer  SW5-173 & AMD RYZEN 7,RTX 3060TI