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hi there ,
here in my town a big market sells the icade core for 10 euros.

if anyone need one i will buy some on monday .
icade core and glbasic works together.

tipp : iosmame ;) runs also

i go to the market on monday , u need to ask here.
i send it next days if anyone needs one. only the 10 bucks and the post costs.


hmmm super tempting...it would end up more expensive for me since I´m in brasil and shipping would cost a bunch extra, other then giving you extra trouble to post which I don´t know if you are willing to do so.

I´d really would like one if it can be made to work on pc...I will do a quick research to figure this out....be back later today...

edit: found this...it is a do it yourself guide, http://jessefreeman.com/articles/how-to-build-a-windows-8-powered-mame-arcade-cabinet/
Still, I´m unsure about getting it...I will think more, thanks for letting me know they go that cheap Marmor!


today we have just that problem is, Apple have done its own Game Controllers api, which is not compatible with iCade. Howover iCade is supported by glbasic, but not the official. Howover the new joypads that using is is quite very pricy, so im have not looked into that api, which could been nice to been supported by glbasic, or using the same functions from Android Extras, just for iOS...

We should still do a iPhone Extras, hehe.

PS. The original iCade was/is a great piece of hardware! Im do still recommered that.
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Oh damn, I guess I will have to skip your offer Marmor, thanks for offering anyways.

What I wanted was a proper control for kof xiii, if I buy the good versions at ~100 dollars, they will get here in brazil at 300 dollars....quite too much money such is our *love*ed up taxes on eletroniks :(

I thought maybe I could use the icade for a cheaper version but it really isen´t worth the attempt as I could also buy separate parts and assemble a solution myself.
Again , thanks for the offer! :good:

edit: If I was an ios/apple user then I´d sure ask you a couple! ;) but no ios here yet.