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after some playing with my new bluetooth adapter i found no device in my home which can play longer as 3 minutes without freezes or jumps in audio.

maybe my adapter is   :puke:  so i ask here

is anyone using bluetooth audio for the sound from a device ? works like a charm ?

i testet ipad,iphone, galaxy note2 , ipod  all devices are bad player ?
i test webos if i found my beloved Pre.



I have used Bluetooth before, but found that the headphones continually need charging.

Had no problems with lengthy sound output as long as it was in the range of the adapter and microphone pickup wasn't active (as that degrades quality quite badly).


looks like an ios issue .... omg


Wouldn't be surprised!


I use a JBL Charge, it's a Bluetooth portable speaker with an iPad and Nexus 10. It works fine but I did find that I was getting bad reception in certain rooms, causing stuttering and freezing. This was due to other Bluetooth devices not behaving themselves when it came to keeping the airwaves organised and clear(in my case it was actually the wireless home phone). An easy test is to turn EVERYTHING off that uses Bluetooth (And normal WIFI/Wireless devices to be sure) to see if it cures your problem. If your really unlucky you can also get interference from old microwave ovens too.  :S


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Kitty Hello

Go into the cellar or a car garage (sub terrain) to be sure. In crowded areas you get a lot of electric noise from all sorts of devices.

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Its an ios bug!
It stream fine from mac mini and note 3 .
What the hell...
I testet the mac mini streaming last night
without problems , sometimes i changed
The source to the ipad3 or iphone 4s and
The sound jumps after 2 minutes , not much
but you hear it ....


after a week testing the Terratec bluetooth Modul i need to say :

it is  :puke:.

it loose the connection from time to time and generally after 10 h using on all devices.

  i sell it  and buy a better one.