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@ Alan - Wishing you a speedy and smooth recovery.

@Everyone else - stay safe and well!
Nice idea. Some issues, as erico stated, but a good job none-the-less.
Looks like a cracking new take on Asteroids. Nice :D
That retro styling looks awesome.

Not a game I'm at all familiar with, and it doesn't make a great deal of sense from the GIFs, but it's intriguing, nonetheless! :D
I did a guide? I really can't remember doing that! Or was that a different Ian?

Anyway, cracking job :)
Happy Holidays and all the best for 2020.
I'd be happy to give assistance in compiling if you want to code for the Wiz etc. (if mine still actually works - they are seriously prone to pixel death!).

The old handheld scene is pretty limited nowadays though, so it's quite a lot of hassle for virtually no reward or feedback.
TBH I don't know. I have both regular and STEAM, however I've not compiled for GP2X with the STEAM version. There may be additional libraries to download for the STEAM version for different formats (that was the case with the last non-STEAM version too).

I haven't tested, as the last proper stable version to compile for GP2X etc. was v10. Maybe the latest versions work fine. If it's advertised as being able to do Wiz etc, then I'm sure it can. Dunno.
If you only have the STEAM version, then you're probably out of luck; you won't be able to register an older version.

While you can use old and free versions to compile for certain formats (eg Windows), I don't think you can use them for GP2X etc. other than to create a short demo (2mins IIRC).

You could of course purchase a non-STEAM version too...
Using GLBasic V10 you can still compile code for GP2X, Caanoo and Wiz - I have all three and created loads of GLB games for those platforms. Be aware that while other versions can do the same, there are issues with some commands in later versions - to me, v10 was the most stable for the handheld platforms.

BTW You can have multiple versions of GLB installed at the same time, without negative consequences.
Cheers Mr Plow (and of course SpaceFractal) :)
Quote from: MrPlow on 2019-Aug-16
Quote from: erico on 2019-Aug-16
I still have to look into TYPEs  :-[

They are sooooo handy and great for entity management.

I even use them for UI elements and buttons - I LOVE TYPES!

Me too. :D
Cool. It's great that you finished it. Hope it does well for you :)
Seems to work well, but seeing as my laptop doesn't have a Right CTRL, I can't jump! :P
Excellent news. Well done Gernot and SpaceFractal.

Here's to another 19 years (plus!) of GLBasic.