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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that the year ahead is kind to you all.

That's really nice (I've always enjoyed this puzzle game in newspapers etc.). I see you've sorted out the puzzle creation speed problems.

Well done :)
Please do come back to this - while puzzle games aren't generally as popular as other genres, they do garner a good following and there's always room for more, especially ones like this that aren't paerticularly well known.

As for starting positions, yeah, selecting a start for a solvable puzzle is tricky. You could start by making a percentage of cells visible (or make have it varied based on player difficulty), and then create a system that can try to solve the puzzle. If it can't,  re-select the start clues.
Cheers. I'll get back to it I'm sure. Too many ideas to just give up on. :)
It's not fear of code - it's more due to lack of time; circumstance here have changed significantly. I have soooo many other things I'm having to do and put up with right now. I'm in front line nursing and the last two years have been physically, mentally and emotionally draining for some reason...

I comment my code pretty well, so it won't take long to get back into it. Just need time. And energy!
It shouldn't be slow at all - I generated 9x9 puzzles for my 2016 Sudoku WIP (LOL - no work, no progress!) in less than a second, which uses arrays and checking.

Unfortunately I no longer have GLBasic on my new laptop, so can't share the code.

Here's a link to the WIP though -

I also did Towers and KenKen (Ken2X) games for the Palm Pre/Pixi etc. and they were fast too, even on limited hardware.

BTW I love those 1/0 puzzles. :D
It's one of the things keeping me away from coding - I haven't coded anything in 2 years now :'(
Quote from: erico on 2022-Jun-27
What? Ian on the forum? If using his avatar is what it takes I´m changing mine! :D

It's fair to say I've not been around much. As a frontline nurse, I've been soooo busy at work that I've just been too knackered to code or do anything in the last two years. I honestly have not written a single line of code in all that time. I had a few games on the go too - most at a very advance stage. I just don't have the energy nowadays.

I also finally had to get a new laptop as my charger literally exploded - sparks and acrid smoke aplenty.  I've not even installed GLB on my new machine yet.

So yeah, I'll be back. Properly, at some point.
That really would be awesome :)

If anyone can, I'm sure you could :)
Indeed. Many thanks Tony. No worries :D
Yeah, that's one of several reasons I want it changed - I don't want others to think he is me.
LOFTCAT - why are you using my avatar? I created that character and he's mine and me on every forum and FaceBook. Please remove/alter/amend it.
Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it. If you don't, why are you reading this forum?

Have a safe one :D
Working on the frontline for the NHS, this last year has certainly drained me of all available time and energy and then some. I was permanently knackered before Covid. It's soooo much worse now.

Good luck to you all though :D