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i have a mad idea and need to talk about it with an minecraft owner !
Off Topic / urho3d..
is this for us ?
what do you think ?  :whistle:
id like to share you my reason why i dont need drugs.
i have a demo from farbrausch !

its so cool ,colorfull and have some great muzak - i love it.
Off Topic / openbook .
download your favorite book from openbook for nothing !
c#2012 or programming for ios
i think Kitty goes finally mad if he notice this :

it looks samsung will go away from android and will push the new os called Tizen.

its all about the money , money .....
Off Topic / myo gesture

matchy do u remember my gesture idea for 2 years in the magic coin diskussion on chat ?
download miniwebcam from appstore and read the stream in glb  =D
Unfortunately ive found no way to use bonjour to find the ip so its hardcoded at the moment.
runs fast with small Picture sizes , much slower with bigger pics.

this demo shows the stream on a nexus 7 .
the sound comes from the ipad .maybe later if we havethe new sdl mixer.
source come next days

hi ,
i compiled a small demo for rpi with using the caanoo plattform .
i put it on the desktop on raspian but how to run ?
some old sources which using will not work now ,because
website has some changes.
i think a little extra website on can help a lot in the future.
I'd like to know if anyone familiar with the Bonjour service or a browser for GLB has written?
how to replace a char in a string ?
problem :

ok$="mammmmmmaaaammmm etc etc" <- really long string
mid$(ok$,2,1)="-"  give a syntax error
cant use replace command here .
cut a string into pieces to replace one byte in a string is imho  :puke:
because the speed .
maybe the replace command needs a pointer or something.
any idea ?

GLBasic - en / Netgetweb$ ?
I try to get a Stream from a webcam but i get only a few Bytes (85) , so i think in the Stream is the
"Eof" for this command , but have netgetweb$ an "EOF" Char, or Not ?
Hi ,
For my latest Project i have a idea about raspberry Pi and the Maximite .
I will create a Programm for get/send Data with tcpip and Bridge this to Maximite over rs232 or spi.
Ala wifly.
So i Need to Know :
Glbasic :
Are the socket Commands working on Pi ?
How to Access rs232 in glb on the Pi ?

Maybe someone have a better idea to solve this ( in another Language or somthing ) ?
Anyone ?
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What is the difference between Guests and Buddies ?
I will show you my last idea for my maximite/arduino/Raspberry pi
Its an old c64II Cover which i get from ebay and an minikeyboard with usb.
i disassembled the usb keyboard to get a smaller size .
Hot Glue rulzt ! 

next step are sound /Breadboard and some Leds

glbasic send commands to my maximite over wlan.
maximite wait for incomming commands and shut the lamp on /off
i make a ios/android app for so i can handle my lights with my tabs or phones.

Off Topic / Mad People
finally i root my nexus 7 and install total commander.
i find my apk in data/app but where is my media folder for ?
ive create from the start some files ,i can read the files, ive get the filelist from BUT i cant find it ?
hmm "Where is it" ?

OPENFILE(1, "test.txt", FALSE)