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my Glb apps compiled for osx uni will not working .
can anyone confirm ?
After Amazon , Media Markt , itune Card  ive found this

What a Fun !

Maybe i buildt my own , but bigger
unfortunately Gernot has no time to create a Glb Part for the Beaglebone Black.
so i ask here for help :

is there a way to trigger the Gpio from the beaglebone in Android .
maybe some java calls ?
Off Topic / rotoskopie?
Hi ,
after poking the www for a free programm i think i need to ask here.
anybody knows a source to get a programm for rotoskoping ?

found this ! dunno if this will work with other devices !????

hi ,
wimax kill his service in my town , unfortunately we cant get dsl from any provider here so we
search for a solution .
my first choice is lte from telekom but the contract with the highest content have only 30GB.
(up +downstream max 30 GB)
now i found
what do you think about ? anyone use this or know anybody who use this ?
i found not much pro or cons about.

hmm after all downloads and new installed sdk and ndk and new files for the android folders i get so many errors , iam confused !

i have read all the forum threads but cant solved the problems.
i use 11.414 .
so please can anyone show me a step by step tutorial for developing for the ouya ?
Off Topic / metal slug
a friend of mine shows me Metal slug on ouya !

wow what a game !
maybe nobody else  is programming for but :

how to set up for full hd , all screensizes are useless for me , because i get allways a screen on the left down border.

how to setup a windowed screen ?

ian's aquaventura runs in a windows here , but i dont know what i need for settings for .
should i compile for canoo or?

Off Topic / Beaglebone black
Anyone got this ? Will glb run?
Unfortunately not much time for Glb since some days .
Its much higher as in year 2002
This time i fear my garage will be flood.

Bah ... All my stuff ....
i need a way to get which target is set for the last compiled app.

if you compile the editor say **** Configuration : xyz ****
in the first line .

this is what i need to know.

ill guess the editor call the gpc first with some commands , is this right ?

i try to change the gpc with my own programm to spit out the comandline$ but sometimes it isnt working .

@kitty  zipping  the full distribute folder is bad , needs much time and have no comfort.

any tipps ?

how to zip a folder with glbasic ?
any hints ?
ich habe ja nun urlaub ! cool !
dummerweise habe ich etwas mehr zeit zum einkaufen und teste einige sachen aus .

nun wollte ich mich mal so richtig  :puke: und meine einkäufe fürs  :shit: auflisten .

1 Bionade Cola : macht wanstrammeln und schmeckt total behindert.
2 H Milch  laut MHD noch bis 29.7 haltbar riecht zum wegwerfen und das mach ich auch.
3 Joghurt mild hat die Konsistenz von Buttermilch.

ich wollte mich halbwegs gesund ernähren also ohne fertigpizza und Co  aber  irgendwie versaut mir das die Stimmung.

mein schöner erdbeer / Bananen/apfel / rosinen joghurt mit blaubeeren schmeckt mir nicht mehr !

ja ist total  :offtopic: und auch bekloppt aber es musste mal raus .
bis denne
Off Topic / do you like
the Galaxy s4  or the sony experia z or the htc one ??

what do you think , only the look and feel  not the price please
Off Topic / geekbench ipad 3

now  the iphone 4s

now the iphone 4

its a little info for the  all glb ios developer !
maybe some info for android devices availabel ?
Off Topic / Rango !
one of the best computeranimated films i ever seen .
my chart :

1. the incredibles / rango

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what you like ?
i found this video and think you need to see it !

i like it