DawnBringer 16/32 colors pallete

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If you enjoy working with limited color palletes, check these 2:


I haven´t done any serious work with fixed palletes since the amiga days, but I can state that today´s infinity amount of colors can became a burden when fine tunning your art. These 2 sets are just amazing, I hope I can get them into use on future projects :good:



Thanks Erico this come helpfully for make some experiments, or 3d toon whit this colors, or really make 3d objects after voxelized and the apply this... can be nice see 3D models in real time or 2D whit this palettes....


That is a great idea, I think 3d packages nowadays can be forced to work with fixed pallete. Specially the 32 one.
The 16 would be a hard call to shade in 3d, but it´s worth a try! :good: