Stopping iOS and Android support from me.

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Today I'm have dedicated I'm will leave both iOS and Android market. The reason is im fell the mobile market is not what its have been before at all... and im have not earn a cliam in the last two year at all. Steam have totally overtake the market for me.

The maintain of the mobileplatforms seens to been pretty much none fune and annoying and sometimes they also breaks compatible with no reasons at all.

Now example, Apple have dedicated to obsolute my mac (last year thought), which im now have sold, and im did newer really go back again to a virtual system, due updates, updates and another updates and upgrades. Its take hell of time.

Google is also NOT that much better. They have own issues and recently require the project move to Android Studio. its a bout a least 2-3gb download and im newer got into that system at all.... just to support few thing with newer platforms. Its no fun for me and im fell im used too much time with no gain at all.

Even some major company in Denmark does not like them anymore, last time im have heard, due heavy none seance maintime of apps.

So Android and iOS is simply not that cool anymore and im not even played very much mobile game generally. Im could today use both Android and iOS as main phone (or even Windows Phone) if im wish.

So from today im will not or will not fix any issues with Android and iOS anymore, due im are quite tired against those platforms.

Im do still stay here. Windows is really all that fine and should focus on desktop again.
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Ian Price

I totally unerstand you here and agree. The mobile goalposts have just kept moving and devs are constantly having to play catch up, for very little reward (if any). The days of small indie devs making a big buck on any of the mobile stores is probably long gone.

Anyway, you've done a fantastic job of maintaining GLB and the mobile platforms for so long. Well done.

I'm glad that STEAM is working out for you and hopefully you will indeed stick around to help others with that.

Cheers :)
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Thanks Ian.

Im did not feel I'm got a reward in the long run.

I'm did got a Apple TV,  which I'm still Surprised I'm got one so early and was pretty easy to port it. My iOS device account so first run out in about 8 month. The games lucky still running on iOS11.

I'm so still like that kind is market. ouya was also a very great console to test thing on.

Of course I'm will still help and I'm will not leave here. I'm just leave mobile platforms.  Currently I'm do have a eye on spectrum next.

Would been nice to see glbasic as a great language for a least those 3 major pc platforms (Windows,  Linux and Mac). Now it's great steam is more open than its was before, even it's have own issue.
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And I'm will still help gernot foe glbasic steam release. First time with focus on major desktop platforms only.

Just let me know,  I'm will help.
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SpaceFractal only give you thanks for all the work you did for GLbasic.


I've dropped the mobile market too, I've 2 iPads and 1 iMac sitting in a cupboard. They still work great but Apple deemed them obsolete so I can't use them for development purposes anymore. This pissed me off now end, so I've given up trying to keep up with Apple trying to force new hardware into my home.

Steam may be a bit wild but it feels more "comfortable" with regards to allowing the developer to choose what platforms to support. This is somthing I can work with, so I'm aiming for a Steam release with my game.

All the same, thanks for all your work on the mobile side of things SF!  :booze:


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Sad news, Spacefractal, but I understand your reasons. I thank you again your efforts to port IOS to 64 bits, so I could launch my last game. But as you say sales are too poor in mobile markets. It's a big effort without profit.

However I stil think that the power of GLBasic resides in its Multiplattform development. It is a pitty that mobile plattforms are falling right now. We need a miracle to change this!!  ;/

Btw: Good luck with Steam!!!


Thank for you good job porting iOS to 64 bit and improve iOS and Android modules.
I hope you have good luck in Steam and keep contributing to GLB community.
:nw: :good:


Steam is "basically" a altermative Windows Store, but with a great userbase. So a glbasic release on steam, should get a least Windows as well Linux version working as the main focus. There is issues with the Linux version, but its howover only optional throught.

Im want to help if Gernot dedicate to release glbasic on steam. Just let me now. Im do thinks the main focus on first release would been desktop platforms.
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- Steam
- Full open Source
- let it die, and don't give a *PIEP*

The Community was such a great one, nowadays the Community is dead...
A lot of people, like you spacefractal, put a lot of time into GLBasic to push it forward!
And now we let it die like this?  :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
That makes me sad...
I <3 DGArray's :D

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As I'm wrote, I'm want happy to help a release on steam. They liked it when I'm wrote about it.

I'm have just focus on other thing now today. Currently glbasic do still works on current platform, but I'm want to take a break etc.

For me steam was the platform I'm got success on.

And I'm still monitor this forum yet, I'm leave iOS and Android by now, but I'm stay here.

I'm have even pulled my own apps out from Android, and also on iOS later this year.
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Sad :'( Thank You for your work on features for both mobile platforms, I just hope that if it would be needed someone will be able to pick where you finished (if possible). Mobile markets are different beast but can also give some $$, don't need extra stuff, just base GLB code working 100%.
Long live GLB! :-)
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Hi Spacefractal.

Long time since I wrote here last time.

First of all: Thanks for all your efforts!!!! Thanks for your work... sincerely

I really feel the same, mobile platforms have become so complex, and there is no clear way to fix things in GLBasic. I really was bored because of problems under iOS and can't fix them, including the fact that I didn't knew of a unified and only place where to download all the fixes made by others members of this community, the latest versions of source files needed to continue fixing things, or the last complete GLBasic version including these fixes, to not try to reinvent the wheel.

I saw your comment about the ZX Spectrum Next, and I suggest, if you still don't know about it, to look also at the "ZX UNO", a project older than the Next and could also be the origin of the ZX Spectrum Next project idea...    in fact, Hark0 (TheHark0), member of this forum, is one of the members of the ZX UNO's team. (!!!!!)

Good luck with your projects!!!!!
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Hello Space,
yep I can understand the pain with mobiles.
Thanks for all the hard work you did.

Linux also needs update to 64b and OSx needs some command reworking.
We should have at least the main desktops working perfectly, but that is another subject.


Should been possible with right compiler, due 64bit got pretty much fixed due iOS 64bit was (of course) forced.

Osx would also require 64bit soon I around this or next year. But actuelly its should been easiler and also should been a xcode project, just like iOS was really.

SteamOS does NOT currectly working with glbasic and something we should look why its wont. But this is howover not required either to put games on steam.

PS. Im have heard about ZX UNO, which does use a little bit different color ULA. Currectly im do want do something with Spectrum Next. Remember: Im did NEWER liked spectrum my self in the eailer day.... (mostly due im was a sound man, not a graphics man as such), a area C64 was much better than Spectrum. But..... im do really like Spectrum Next very much. Im wish im backed this one. Awesome limits.
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