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my first seuck game

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since no one else posts here, i have a lot of space to fill...  8)

ok, only 50secs and the level is already finished (and i'm finished to)... horrible.

most of the sprites are based on screenshots of some models i made for pioneer space sim
quite a different thing compared to a shoot 'em up.

but, yeah i like the GACK

took me a while to get comfortable with it, i missed some proper descriptions for certain things if you're a noobe on it.

like someone should have told me that the top background layer will be filled by default with the same tiles as the background...
i was wondering for quite a while why my ship allways explodes when entering the game. now i know there are some "traps" build in.
also bullets never left the ship until... i forgot exactly how i managed it, i guess animation speed, but i'm not sure.
anyway now i have a good reference project i can use.

if you really like to involve children  :) you need a very good explained help. every step should be described exactly so you won't miss anything and don't run always into deadends.

the very first games construction kit was made for kids, i guess it was never published here in europe.
it was GAME FACTORY for the enhanced (additional keyboard and tape storage) Intellivision console,
something i could have only dreamed of then.
of course game factory was very limited and you couldn't made actually real games, only hop around with some characters in a still screen.
but the system is the same, make tiles for the background and add some animated sprites.

Kitty Hello:
Very nice game. Thanks for posting here. If you have any advice how to make GACK better, post some details, please.

Ian Price:

--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Jun-28 ---Very nice game. Thanks for posting here. If you have any advice how to make GACK better, post some details, please.

--- End quote ---

GACK? Do you mean SEUCK?


Kitty Hello:
I changed the name, because SEUCK might have been copyrighted or whatnot. GACK means "Game App CK". I plan to make a "player" app available on many platforms (including an online store) and an iPad version to create games. Would be cool to have something like: buy a game for $1 and it goes directly into the pocket of the creator of the game. I fear Apple does not allow Paypal, though :/

something i guess that helps much, tooltips on all function buttons, if you can disable them later they won't hurt.
i guess the few ones that are already present helped me much.

the filelist (e.g. the one for the background tiles) should be sizeable and keep the chosen size. very uncommon but perhaps some idiot like me likes to make a background from a picture and nine in a row are uncomfortable with a screen width of 640 when each tile is 64 (or 32).
i know usually it's not meant to use it this way, but i guess nowadays we don't have to fear for memory use or filesize to much.

palettes should be saveable and perhaps loadable from a .bmp, it would make it easier to create a special palette for a game.
"nostalgia" used a simple bitmap to load and save palettes, you could change it then in a paint program which has all the palette tools you need.

yes, if it's not copyrighted use "seuck", people will remember it by this name.


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