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Casual clicker style pinball-type
Click the score panel to release balls

Now sure about whether to keep the cutesy balls or go minimalist with just clean circles?
(edit: I have since removed the cute faces and gone with flat circle balls...makes for less distraction while playing)

Still to come...
- Aimed at mobile
- Extra bonus scoring rules
- Special table items
- Possible in-app purchase

BTW - Guys,
I think beta section should be like the Bonus section - hidden from public.

Gave a go, pretty great!
Will there be stuff that blocks the balls horizontally to?

This does remind me of:

Thanks Erico!

I remember a game similar to that water one too!
here is the android version...without cutesy balls...I think it is better that way...
on the horizontal block..can you explain? Do you mean long blocks to 'L' shapes and such?

Yep, L shape stuff. You could also add some bumpers to add to the action. :)

:) - Will look at that - plus adding score multipliers etc. :)


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