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I was curious to see if I could code a simple Turtle Graphics program

I will develop it further...

Working commands are :

FD ### (forward in pixels)
BK ### (backward in pixels)
LT ###  (Left turn in degrees)
RT ###  (Right turn in degrees)
PU / PD (Pen up / down)
PEN x (color of pen 0 to 7)
REPEAT x (where x is number of loops)
END (close repeat loop)

Type RUN to execute or repeat a list of commands
INSTANT ON = Execute commands immediately
INSTANT OFF = RUN required to run command list

RESET = Clears List and repositions Turtle
CLEAR / CL = Clears commands list

SAVE imagename = save png to documents.

REPEATs can be nested

have fun!


   Create simple programs with commands to control the Turtle and draw amazing images!!

   INSTANT ON / OFF = Turns on / off immediate execution of commands

   FD x = Forward x pixels
   BK x = Backward x pixels

   RT x = Right by x degrees
   LT x = Left by x degrees
   PU = Pen Up (Do not draw)
   PD = Pen Down (Draw as normal)

   REPEAT x = Creates a loop to run x times which runs any commands within the loop. Place END when closing loop.

   END = Closes a REPEAT loop. (Loops can be nested)

   PEN x = Color of pen (0 - 7)

   RUN = Runs the current list of commands shown on screen

   CLEAR / CL = Clears the command list

   RESET = Clears commands and resets your Turtle
   SAVE filename = Saves a png of the working graphic to your documents folder

   QUIT = Exits the program

Is that LOGO? ;)
Will give a try.

I could not make any drawings :(
Probably I have no idea how to work it out, or is there something wrong?

Here an image of one of my attempts

I don't understand what this is. How do I use it? I typed in LT and PD and PEN 1, but don't understand what is Simple Turtle.

oops! Guys Type RUN at the end...left out vital instruction!


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