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Whilst it is possible to have multiple windows, its not possible to bring one window in front of the other (or generally activate it) until the front-most window is destroyed.

It would be nice to be able to bring a non-active window to the front, and activate it...

Kitty Hello:
yikes! How would you do the message handling then?

You can do that by swapping the bottom 2 elements of the ddgui_dialogs[]?? array - forgot the real name.

Message handling would only be done for the topmost (active window).

Kitty Hello:
You can make a "DDgui_BringWindowToTop" function where you swap the stack contents. But then the DDgui_popdialog acts on the topmost dialog. Usually I just recreate a new dialog when I want something on top. I can't really think of an application that requires swapping them.
Would you want to get notified about the swap, so the user can sort of "multitask" with them?

Yes, some sort of notification would be nice


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