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Kitty Hello:
Server: RetroRemakes (e.g. Channel: #glbasic

[edit 2-nov-09] New server URL. Sorry.

Page can not be displayed..

How do i use the link on the website?

Is there a plugin i need?

go download mirc and install it...  read the instructions in the program...

at a window with that looks like a chat window you can type


when it connects, type

/join #glbasic

I don't know if anyone will be in there tho.  I think I looked once and there was no one there.

Is there any chance to use this via a web-interface? I tried one but wasn't able to connect to the server.

Thank you. I'll see what I can do.

[Edit]: Great thing I've found! There's no need of Java or Flash, that IRC client works pretty good :)


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