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Hi All,

I've finished my GLB version of Manic Miner, linked below.(I say finished, it's probably a raw beta in real terms!)

Hadn't really intended to write it in the first place, it just grew from an article on crumbling platforms in Wireframe magazine. I've never coded a platformer before and it looked interesting.

I've attached a zip with the playable .exe and all the media but also put a copy of the GBAS file in the media folder if anyone is interested in looking through the code, pulling it apart, reusing, updating, correcting, laughing at it, etc.  ;)  (note its not refactored, so isn't efficient or streamlined!!)

Works for me without noticeable bugs but its not been extensively play-tested. Hope it works for you.

There's a readme in the folder which give a bit more detail, if you're interested.



For a first try in platform games it's really very good.
I didn't know this game but your version seems very close to the original.
I liked the foot that crushes you when you lose  :)

Nice job Widget101  :good:

Quality retro remake, real attention to detail and it feels like the real deal... well done!  :good:

a nice job and thanks for the source, you are great   :booze:
ad maiora

nice one.

Its a game im newer actuelly have played the original and has very annoying beeper music and all. Even its might have a history behind it.

Im have done various sound track based on this game, example Manic Miner: The Lost Levels for the Gameboy DS for about 13 years ago (where the original beeper was included for some of the levels, tune called "Smiths Ear Bleeder", hehe.

So its no wonder im have done various tune take with both SID as well AY.

Here is one of them (this one was AY one, single AY):

(ohh yes im DID also used the "annoying" beeper sound as the main instrument in that one, haha). Fell free to include this tune as well if you want the title sid tune im did for comply of years ago. There is comply of them on my home page.


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