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it looks like standard PC hardware, so Windows should go on it no problem. Personally i'd multi boot it with Steam OS and Windows for maximum compatibility.

Yes Bigsofty, but it would be interesting to know if the games made with GLBasic work with Steam Deck without any changes.
Apparently from what Spacefractal said it didn't work before with Steam OS, but maybe with the latest version of Proton it works.

Someone will eventually get one, then it should be easier to test it out.
Should it work out of the box it will be superb.

Apparently pre-orders are exploding, this is good news because it will lower prices (unless stocks run out, it will have the opposite effect).
In the meantime I will try to do some tests with Proton.

I have pre-ordered but it took a ridiculous amount of effort as the order page was overwhelmed by demand.


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