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Yes there have been a lot of "scalpers" (people pre-ordering products by betting on their scarcity to make a profit)  :(
But it's still good news Bigsofty  :good:
For my part I'm trying to launch a non-Steam application with Proton and it's hell (especially since I'm not a pro on Linux), I think I'll give up because it's starting to hit me on nerves :giveup:

Im trying to keep an eye on Steam Deck, and I like current Valve approach - clarity, like in their last video Steam Deck inside
Spec wise its good enough, in GPU terms maybe base PS4 power in handheld, even pure TFlops are showing that's more like Xbox One, but there is difference in architectures: GCN in XOne/PS4 vs RDNA2 in Steam Deck, and between those architectures there is like 40% real world performance difference (DigitalFoundry on YT did some good test around AMD GPUs before current gen consoles arrived), RAM and CPU are also nice. Just saying if it runs new Doom in 60fps I have nothing more to say :D And people are waiting also for such handheld as it quickly sold out, new bunch will be available in what 2Q of next year so..

When it goes to GLB, couple years ago when Steam OS 1.0 arrived I checked compatibility, and main issue was that GLB was using older SDL 1.2, and that OS shipped only with newer SDL 2.0, so you needed to manually download all additional libraries (also for sound), I'm don't remember how that ended for me cause most likely end-user would not play around for one hour to download some stuff for himself. True question is now, what libraries will be included in Steam OS 3.0, and what are current requirements for GLB to run on Linux - is it already on newer SDL 2.0? Out of box support for this OS would be very nice, and allow more visibility on Steam. That's about native support, I didn't test Proton itself, but it looks that very compatible software and should run GLB apps.

Next thing is games compatibility with Steam Deck, few days ago Valve published some docs on that on partners page: Steam Docs
Nothing crazy, game must support game controller (and show proper icons), work on 720p resolution, no small fonts (like 9px size, preferred 12px), if game needs keyboard input (for player name) use Steam API/your-own virtual keyboard and so on, don't see any issues for GLB in this matter. I will check what's new in latest Steam SDK packet to add possible needed functions to my wrapper.

From couple of years that trend for dedicated handheld devices is getting stronger, previously beside Nintendo/PSP there were only retro emulation consoles but they weren't such widely available (GamePark, Caanoo etc.), now there is so many of them (retro consoles based on Arm), and from times of first GPD such portable pc's are also more popular (AyaNeo, OnexPlayer), but never such huge company like Valve were involved into this, that's good, and should have impact on competition on that market. On customer side looking for handheld, price is always some kind of barrier because let's say 500Euro doesn't sound cheap (but considering it capabilities it's fair price), and 200Euro for Android based retro console that can only play emulators (there is so many of them right now) isn't so good as 50Euro for PSP or 100Euro for PS Vita that's perfect for playing dedicated games and most emulators. But market still lacks cheap x86 handheld, imagine 150$ device that could play older games from X360/PS3 era and indie games, that woudn't require most powerfully hardware just newer production process and low end parts, maybe someday there will be device like this, it would have really huge market of possible clients. When talking about indie/homebrew, I can't count Switch, it's popular of course but, that is closed ecosystem console and big N doesn't like homebrew, is blocking unofficial ports from other systems, blocking YT materials that are showing such and so on, and dedicated games from normal consoles are highly lowered back due to console power, but let's don't deep dive into that, that's one of reasons why Steam Deck gained so much in many eyes - open for AAA and indies powerfully and compatible device.

Holy moly, Dreamerman is back :D

 :D :D

Thanks for the info Dreamerman, it was long but very interesting  :good:

It's sounds too good to be true but as far as I can see it is. Valve is really showing how bad we've been treated as customers from the big companies like Nintendo, Sony etc. in the sense that they have all created walled gardens for the games on there hardware. Developers pay to get on there, users pay a tax on the cost of the game simply as they have no choice. You can sell your game via Steam for the Steam Deck but Valve has made it clear, if you want to side load a game, they won't block the developer. The side loaded game will appear on the GUI in the same way as one bought in Valves store. Good on em!


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