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Galactic Formation Simulator 2021

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Galactic Formation Simulator 2021, inspired by Sir Isaac Newton.
Version 2.10418a (April 18,2021)

This is the entire library. Just compile and run, Enjoy!

If you have questions, ill answer them here.
I do not plan on doing many updates, yet, i will do one once in a while.
Feel free to use the SVS library and Galactic Formation Simulator application in any way you see fit.
- Neil


No star in this one, just matter in a circular field crashing and starting a planet / moon system.

This shot shows gravitational fields from the largest objects, and has vector direction.

This shot shows the gravity fields of the ring simulation:
Note: the lines represent only nearby actors, all objects affect all other objects motion, especially the star.

The 2 arm simulation, with gravity fields:

This is a saturn-like ring formation simulation, it ends with a handful of stable planets possibly with moons:


Download from Google Drive :

Download from SIA Skynet :

very very very interesting project, great work  :good:
tried with version 16 win10, compile fine but the fps are very slow than v15
I will study the code carefully
Thank you
ad maiora

I rectify, the speed in v16 seems to me equivalent to that of v15.
I found, that at least on my computer, when Whatapp desktop is running Glbasic programs slow down a lot.  :S
ad maiora

Thanks Qedo!

As time progresses, planets merge, and less is rendered, thus increasing the fps.
Eventually it reaches 60 fps.

I think a lot of people have no idea of the work you have done.

You have my respect Hemlos.


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