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Although it is actually easier to code, I don't really intend to do a flight demo, but a more general demo.

For WW2, my idea would be a WW2 Doom but with the ability to switch between first-person view and third-person view.
For Fantasy, your idea of Rygar is a very good idea, but I'm having a big problem with 3D graphics :( Especially for monsters.

I think I'll start with a WW2 style and if it doesn't work, I'll come back to the idea of ​​Fantasy in the Rygar style (because it's true that the current hero could be in a game of this style).
I will try to make a 0.2 test version in WW2 style for this weekend ... with (yet) another key for the jump Ian :)

Thanks all.

Note : My dream would be to build a Refractor 1 style engine, so your idea Erico of ​​flying is not too far from mine, because in RE1, players can use cars, trucks, tanks and ... planes ;)
Unfortunately for this dream, the 3D rendering functions of GLB will no longer be sufficient and I should code mine (and the code will probably not be 100% portable :().

Android arts should be a good reference. Can´t find the main page but an img these days, here it goes, there should be more.

I will take a look at it. Thanks.

Just tested, works well, really nice work here Snoopy. Very interested how this turns out!  :good:

I didn't work as planned, but I will start again soon.
Thank you for your support :)


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