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500? ... New record!  :)

Yes mem2sprite is quite slow, I use the opengl function glTexSubImage2D which is much faster (but not enough and with a lot of differences depending on the chipsets).
Qedo has created a similar (and more flexible) version than mine here:

It isn't so slow, but it depends on what you want to achieve, maybe playing with pixel format type would help somewhat if full ARGB isn't needed, and pure c++ array may be faster than passing pointer to GLB array.
result on tablet with Intel x5-z8350 and Intel HD Graphics: 120fps

It's not really the problem. As I said above, without this function, and therefore without the use of opengl, I go from 50 to 320 on my very old PC (probably +1000 on your I5 without this function).
An option to completely disable opengl and provide only a framebuffer would be fine (even if we can't use the 2D and 3D graphics functions after that).
For example, using this type of library:

In the future, the options to choose its graphics module (opengl, opencl, directx, vulkan, metal ... or none) would also be interesting to have a program perfectly suited to the chosen platform.
But this is much more complicated and requires the help of Master Kitty =D

Thanks dreamerman for your test  :good:

370-405 variations here.

Thanks Erico  :good:
But I gave up this software engine because of this function (although if I just finished, for the fun, a version with textures and lightmaps), maybe I'll come back to it one day ;)


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