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Been looking through the website a little. Looks very awesome. Thanks. Am interested in this.


I am taking the cs50x from harvard, and finished the first project.
The project is designed with scratch, an object oriented program designer.
Here is a link to my project, a game i made "Airhockey".

Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Scratch is pretty neat, I made a simple asteroids game with guided missiles http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/amazingjas/2849060 . The only problem is it is very difficult to generate new instances of objects, but the addon/update called BYOB takes care of this I think.  Nice how all your projects are playable in a browser.

I have pulled the pin on the MIT course. Too confusing for me. It takes me too long to work out what they are asking you to do, and my lack of math really hinders my attempts.  The Harvard course is much more interesting, approachable, clear and enjoyable so I'll keep that one going.


Quote from: AmazingJas on 2012-Nov-04
Nice how all your projects are playable in a browser.
Yeah that is really cool, ill prolly keep improving my project when i get any time.

I have pulled the pin on the MIT course.

Aww that sux...the complexity is kinda confusing, but the rest is pretty easy.
I got a 81% on my midterm...not great, but it showed me where i need to study afterall.

If you look into the sillybus, youll notice there are less math intense sections to come (apparently).
I noticed a few important lectures coming up nea rthe end, which is directly relating to Ai(same methods are expected for you to know as prerequisit in the Ai berkley course).
Seems to me, this 6.00x is a great precursor to the ai class.
Im going to stick with this and perhaps ill do better in the ai course next time around, as i have stopped doing the work in the ai course, because i dont meet the prerequisits.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Edx added Linux too...with no deadline for completion to get a certificate.
Im halfway through the linux course now, its very good, and very informative.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O