Nendo license for 30 Euro/38 USD/20 GBP

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Hello everybody!
Since I'm a Silo AND Hexagon2 user now, I don't need my Nendo license anymore. That's why I'm trying to sell it.

What's Nendo?
Nendo is an low-mid polygon modeller developed by Izware LCC. It's very intuitive and can import and export modells in the following formats:

- .obj (Wavefront)
- .x (DirectX)
- .3ds (3D Studio)
- .wrl (VRML 2.0)

But Nendo can do more than just modelling, it also features an build in 3D paint programm in which you can draw color and textures to illustrate your modell!

Not enough for you? Here we go: Nendo got its own tutorial file format (.nds :: Nendo Script). If you want to share your experience with other modellers you can simply save all the single steps you've done in a .nds file and give that away. Or you can learn Nendo yourself by watching one of the 22 included tutorials! Learn how to modell an ant, Mig21, Roman temple or an sea creature! Nendo is perfect for anyone who want to learn modelling and 3D painting and it will help you creating beautiful modells for your GLBasic game!

How do I get it?
Just contact me at sebe[at] or PM me. I offer my Nendo license for 30 Euro/38 USD/20 GBP. If you buy directly from Izware LCC you'll have to pay 49 USD + taxes! You can pay via PayPal or via Bank transfer. I hope to hear from one of you soon!