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Hi guys I found this web , they have a 3 soft for Pixel Art, the first convert images to 8 Bits palletes, like C64 ,CPC and so on, very easy and with very good quality, perhaps for people don't know how do grphics, can use 3d Renders and convert to 2d Pixel Art(I'm thinking to buy, not is too much expensive, about 25€)

And have another 2 tools for fx with pixel Art. If you interested take a look in youtube, have more videos very nices.

thanks spacefractal in fact mobile devices not interested me too much (I think the markets are dead ), and we have Godot Engine now for mobile.
Don't worry I know you did a lot or work with GLbasic.
Just bought and working fine, under Vmware with Windows 10... Runs fine I test the 3d Torus with reflection and I had 500 FPS. :-*

But i see the platforms for compile and I only see Windows and DLL, we don't have more Android Linux or another thing will not be Windows?¿, I read something about Apple, but I don't have nothing of interest in Apple.
I prefer pay again for the new version but No steam. I'm not sure when I bougth GLbasic but I think was v6, I think is time to pay again or at least I think is the just.
Ey Erico  :booze: :nana: How are you ?¿ I expet fine ;).
Thanks for the link I show just now, and I think can be very interesting for do things with Arduino can be very very interesting... Arduino is really easy but very powerfull, and do a nice UI with GLbasic on android can be really great.,

Thank for the link. (I think now I have to mount some machine with Win).

PS: Take a look to Blender 2.8 EVEE will be awesome  ;)
Hey guys noboyd says nothing  -Spaninsh ("Sois unos amargaos")  =D =D.

Happy Christmas to all the forum and I hope the next year will be better or at least the same like this for all yours...

Hi guys is possible add to GLbasic a BT library for Android , I think will be very interesting for do electronic Projects, in example with Arduino and some cheaper board.
I know for Windows CE works, in fact I did a little project some years ago and runs perfect, but this Library don't works under linux systems.

Someone can do this (Really I don't know how start to port a library in C++), for iOS I don't say nothing because I prefer have the apple very far from me.  :whip: :whip:

Grettiings my Friends and happy Christmas.
Felicidades GLbasic!!!

Thanks to this maginific soft I learn more I thought never, now I understand C++ and another languajes like Python , thanks a lot, you open me a door to antoher level.

WOW !!! I think this need GLBasic , very good 3D... I think we can do very impressive 3D games for PC. Thanks a lot for this work...
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Graphically is really Nice... I liked a lot...
Yes Erico, I think is a bit extrange.. (similar another tool, but this uses Pixols, like Zbrush).
Hey guys, if you need a 3d modeler easy?¿, I only see a couple of videos but seems easy to use.

Perhaps for do something with GLbasic comes well.
Off Topic / Oculus GO?¿
What do you think about this device?¿, will be finally the VR for all people or is another device for launch to the trash,,,
Thanks BigSofty, just I test under WInAPE, but for now seems is in alpha version, but really is nice to see this quality of graphics in an Amstrad device.
SpaceFractal, thanks for this version, I don't know about it... Commodore always seems an arcade hyper fast and smooth.
Hi guys, new game from EspSoft for CPC... Really awesome graphics and music...