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Did anyone here try that out? My professor advisor is going to purchase a couple of these and I wonder if it is possible to rock them under GLB.
If no one tried it before, well, I will have a chance to check it in a few months and will let you guys know how it goes.
Hello chaps, stumbled into this the other day.
Will give it a try at some point.
Could be useful for GLB 3d.
Hello chaps, just a quick note, itchio relates the tools used to make games and other stuff, I think GLBasic should be listed.
Here is the link to the news:

Go down to "Add your own tools to's browse pages" and there should be a link "you can check out the application here".
I checked the link and it feels it is something Gernot should fill instead of us.

I think it is worth adding GLB to that list. I currently list GLB and add links on my game pages, but it should be better if there is a tag and people can browse a list of games done with it.
What do you guys think?
Long time no see chaps?!
Gotta do a break from my TRS80 Color II (dragon) Basic game, it is quite a big project and I can´t let it burn me out.

So, time to do a quick GLB game, it will be a JOUST game, a mix between the game on title and Buzzard Bite, both from that same machine.
I will start by posting references, I´m confident you guys know JOUST, but Pegasus? here was me playing it live:

Buzzard Bite on the Dragon is more of a normal JOUST clone, but gameplay is better, controls and what not, here a general tube stuff:

Hello chaps, not sure it is a bug or an anti virus fake stuff or maybe my stuff is somehow infected.
A costumer sent me this image where Norton points my .exe tried mess with input.inf

Is that a no worries thing? Did you guys ever saw this?
Hello chaps, I´m checking with my fellow devs that have stuff on sale on itchio so we organize a bundle for the black friday.
We thought about putting maybe 2 games each for 50%, meybe less if we can get a bunch of people onboard. I think quantity is important here.
A friend of mine has a game with versions for mega drive (genesis) so I thought we could also consider retro stuff.
Anybody be interested?
Hello chaps, after quite a while doing games based on the COCO and with the retro push from Matchy, I thought to do a game on the real thing, in BASIC.
Now why is this here? Because if I ever get to pull an "ACTION game for an 8 BIT system in BASIC", and if you are over 35 LOL giggling, it will be a bliss to port it to PC-WIN and extras through GLB, and I will sure do that so the game reaches more people. ;)

Here is one punchy punk;)
I was working with arduinos to get a hud display on my motorbike.
Today I just got it partially working, and running glbasic to boot!!
I will soon be able to compile apps for it!
Announcements / The Outhouse
Hello chaps,
new game ongoing, something I already had graphics done. I hope to be a quick project <1 month.
Since I broke my main hand last year, I haven´t been able to properly draw by hand or computer, but coding is fine, we just need 2 fingers! :S

Anyways, I plan to bring major updates to this thread.
It is a pc-win game that is to mimic the trs-80 color computer (coco I or II) capabilities.
In this case, the semigraphics 4 mode, a very weird one, but fun to deal with.

This is to be an "updated" version of an 1981 game called OUTHOUSE, first released for the trs-80 model I/II/III and later for the coco itself, but the least one in high resolution graphics.
Let´s see how it works out. I´m making it of here on this thread:

Here is the intro, title and game start going about:

Microsoft security essentials running on my win 7 system every now and then dictates that the .exe I create when compiling a glb code is infected with trojans like:

A friend also informed me this happened on his system after running a game of mine.
Any hints about such?
Links not working neither previewing on the forum since a couple weeks.
Hello chaps,
I just published this game on itchio.
Here the link:

here the trailer:

here a gameplay vid:

I will pop out some keys soon, very hard to do posts with a broken hand but we have to do with what we can.
[I havent forgot about you Moru, just had to have this done before, :)]
Hello there, quick question:
I have been getting a quick computer freeze every time music is played with that command.
Mp3 is horrible as it takes more than a full second, raw wav takes 1/10 of a second. But all motion freezes.

What the heck, that did not happen on my old machine but happens on my new one, which was a lot of trouble taking win 10 out to use win 7, lots of drive problems.

So, is that only on my side? Is anyone experiencing problems with playmusic and loop?

Tried v16 steam and no good either, tried at 2 friends pc and wav raw had no problem, which leads me to think my drivers are bugged.
One could switch to playsound though. What do you guys think?
GLBasic - en / Smooth scroll
A quick question before I open a proper thread.
I´m working on a sidescroller shooter with paralax like Shadow of the Beast.

I´m having a float add to the scroll with percentages but I sense a bit of jagging, probably when a layer does not move in rhythm with the rest.
would it be better if I break a loop in cycles and feed a pixel to each layer per cycle when appropriate? Or would that be the same?

I kind of sense that all adds to the layers must not be broken, like 1, .5, .25, .1 or at least decimals, but never something like 66.66.
It all has to be able to sum to 1 so it keeps a rhythm, Am I tripping here? What do you guys think?
I´m getting somewierd icons on the forum buttons, the HOME, HELP, SERCH, PROFILE, etc line of buttons.
It seems to show an img written "APE TRIBE", does not look legit.
What is up?
I wonder if anyone here has tried it.
It seems nintendo´s dev program is accessible.
Hello chaps,
Burger Lord is finally released on Steam here:

I made a quick "making of" to help spread the word and posted on some places I like:

There will be an Itchio version soon too.

Here it is:
Just found out about this, interesting read so far.
I know some of you are a fan of the CPC, and while I never saw the real deal back in the days (no cpc whatsoever in brazil) I´m really enjoying the latest batch of indie games on it.
This goes for Ian Price:


Really great stuff, exactly the kind of games I enjoy and the CPC gfx and sound is just superb!
Yes! I just now managed to port GLBasic to the Gamebuino Meta prototype I have here. :enc:
I had to dump sdl2 entirely and use a self made library to make the commands work like the other platforms.

I will upload it soon!