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Feedback / g.a.c.k questions
« on: 2012-Nov-13 »
Hi, i have some questions, why isnt there a iphone/ipad g.a.c.k app, only google play and hp? And can those make apps that run on iphone/ipad?   

GLBasic - en / error when compiling for iphone
« on: 2010-Jul-20 »
I was just tried to compile a program I made for the iphone. I sent the /xcode folder it generated with all the contents to a friend that has a mac with the sdk installed.  He told me it compiled, but there was nothing on the screen, only a small rectangle.  I'm thinking probably I placed the .bmp files elsewhere and not in the correct folder. I put them in the "media" folder. Or, hmm, does the iphone require .png files?

So like, I have several design docs for simple games I would like to see on the pc, as well as the handheld devices, and I've followed the GLB tutorials, but, I'm not a programmer, I'm more of a game designer, so I wanted to know if anyone from this fine community would like to work on one of my designs for me, with proper compensation that is.  Or maybe review my work and let me know the amount of work it would be required, and such.


I've been looking into glbasic programming, trying to learn the most of it, because I am interested in using it to develop apps for the iphone.  There is a section of the help file on considerations for the iphone, but it's mostly general stuff. Like, I havent found example code for using the touchscreen for input.  I only understood that everything in the iphone is considered a mouse event, since there are no keys.  So, could anyone please point me to a code example for having the person input a choice selection shown on the iphone's screen with the touch controls, and then the program showing some output from it?

thank you!

GLBasic - en / While not statement?
« on: 2010-Feb-28 »
Hi, is there some sort of statement to use in a while or for that checks if a condition is NOT true? Like, the !(variable) statement of pascal and such? Or the WHILE NOT (condition1)?


Hi, this is sort of a newbie-like question, but I'm trying to learn glbasic by porting a simple pascal program, and the program uses very often the "in" statement, as in "x in [1,2,3,4]".
Is there an equivalent for the in statement in Glbasic, or is there another way to do the same the in statement does?

thank you!

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