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I'd really like some sort of access to sound buffers, or be able to make and mess with them like you can screen buffers (CREATESCREEN), but more with commands a bit like some of the file ones (READBYTE, READLONG etc.).  This is pretty essential for something I want to do that is along the lines of SFXR but in real-time (writing and reading temp files wont cut it) as part of a game idea.  To be honest theres lots of reasons why being able to mess with raw WAV data could be beneficial to GLB programmers -- for the same sort of reasons programmers want to be able to create and access screen buffers to mess with the screen.

I realise it depends on the sound library you are using, and it may not be terribly high priority given more recent events (such as your very unfortunate hard drive crash), but I'm hoping it might be possible one day.

Ian Price:
Sound manuipulation does appear to be one of the very few weaknesses with GLB :(


Adding openSL ES  Library?¿... I don´t know if it´s possible, but if it´s easiest like call OpenGL functions, can be very interesting make a port... isn´t it?¿


Interesting but total overkill for what I'm asking.  Still, I guess (if it could be added) it wouldn't be a bad thing for GLB.

I believe all the platforms use OpenAL except Windows, to avoid adding OpenAL to the windows distro. OpenAL has sound buffers, so if windows OpenAL support was added then I suppose that OpenAL buffer support could be added across all platforms.


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