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my first seuck game

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shortly after i posted it i realized why it's this way (spawn enemy)  ;)

here's another wip i started, more fascinating then a space shooter, imo

i guess i have to size the screen a bit up, you can't see no points.

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slight update

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Kitty Hello:
Very nice!!
I uploaded an update that has a set of new features. Please get it and see if you like them and if all works out.

It's a Windows build, only - are you on a Mac?

HAHA, cool game!

ok, long time no see, hm?

i lost accsess to web that's all, actually i still have no, but my mothers got a lap-top now (macbook)

no, i use a rotten PC with a broken down gfx card (new now).

but i was quite creative since that so i will put the actual wip's here for you to check them out.
except for the "Eagle" space shooter are all projects really unfinished.

"Eagle" has 4 levels and ends after that with a congratulation to the pilot.

"Demon" is in very early stage, lot of tweaking must be done, it's hard to make a static shoot 'em up.

"Adventure" has 4 levels now, while the 4th is unfinished, before i continue with it at all, i feel level 3 and 4! are to hard, what do you think?
i can't manage to get through 4 myself...

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