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I know I have said a lot of this on a separate thread but as it was iPhone specific I felt I needed to post it here for anyone thinking of buying GLBasic. And apologies if its in the wrong section, if a mod feels its better off elsewhere then please feel free to move it

If you are even thinking about dabbling with programming and are daunted by C or other languages or the thought of complex libraries for sound and graphics seems way out of your depth then take a look at GLBasic. Everything you can want to do is there with ease. You want simple 2d graphics, no problem. Complex 3d is a breeze as well.

The examples are well documented and simple to understand and change and build and see what your changes have done, even with the demo version, 5 minutes run time is more than long enough to know if GLBasic is for you.

Pricing is spot on as well, you will not find a product with as many features for the price. It knocks the spots off other products that cost 100s or even 1000s of Dollars.

The forums are some of the best I have ever used with members who are willing to help out novices like myself. There seems to be no flaming as you would get on other programmers forums, no question seems to be too trivial.

In short support tha programmers and buy GLBasic, you will not regret it.


I would like to add to the above posters comments.

Using the demo for the past two weeks, myself and my mate have gone from an idea that sounded good on paper for the iphone to scrapping it on Saturday as it did not play as well as expected when play testing.

On Sunday evening I put together the base skeleton code together for an alternative game and as of tonight we have a playable game with scoring all done. (No its not exactly a simple game either.)

So as well as being easy to get to grips with GlBasic has helped us to get closer to our goal in the minimum of time and effort.

So its onto Graphics for me now in between helping my mate fix a couple of minor bugs so Im off to get my hadns dirty in the digital clay of Zbrush and Modo

Thank you Gernot for a fantastic app.

Mike R


I completely agree with them!  :good:
Long live GLBasic / Gernot!


Yeah, you won't find better out there, especially a product like this that the creator gives personal attention to. Also, it saves me allot of time on my random projects and it works excellent. I consider it to be the top development software purchase I have ever made.
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GlBasic ROCKS!!!!! I have most other tools and this ranks amongst the best. Well done to the developers.  :good: :good: :good: :good: :good:
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yeah, that´s true.
Thanks for the good work mates!
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couldn't agree more !! the biggest selling point for me is supporting so many platforms with very minimal source code change! intended to do a game for Win, ended up doing it for all major platforms!