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Well I played with the demo (congrats to the progammers for giving the full product away as the demo, it meant I could do everything i wanted to try with only the watermark and 5 min restriction), copied it to the mac, compiled first time and was on the iPhone within minutes.

Sure it would be nice to do the editing on the mac and then load into Xcode but its still a lot easier to learn than interface builder and all the other complex Apple commands.

Im now fully registered with the full version and to be honest it's worth twice the price for the simplicity of use


I agree. It most certainly is easier to work with than xcode direct. Would be nice at some point to have a full list of commands perhaps in the helpfile that are not supported on the touch. Other than that I love it. Will show soon what myself and my partner have been working on.


Mike R

Kitty Hello

The next manual update has an iPhone section that also states the 3 commands: "BLENDSCREEN, GRABSPRITE and USEASBMP" that won't work in landscape mode. As well as "KEY", which does not really make sense on the iPhone.

Kitty Hello

Yes, I will make some more functions like that and pack them in an iPhone library. Would make sense.


Anything new for the iPhone will be good...... :nana:
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