How to make 2D graphics (Vector, Inkscape)

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Kitty Hello
Brilliant article. Really worth an hour to play with this. If you thought you're no artist, this might prove you wrong.


Thank you. I'll read it carefully to see if I learn something.

Ian Price

That looks excellent. Cheers Gernot =D
I came. I saw. I played.


Yes, this is a very good tuto. Thanks.
However it doesn't cover nega-artists like myself. :D


Yeah really, good.  Maybe our "programmer art" will no longer look like "programmer art" after using that tutorial.


Nice, I think it´s a very good tutorial and info...

I take a very carefull look.

Yodaman Jer

This looks great! Definitely will come in handy while making my platformer. Thanks for posting!  :good:
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