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Is there a way to see the the generated c++ files using v16? Also is it possible to compile to asm.js using emscripten?



Hello kirkdev

The C-files are located at "%appdata%\..\Local\Temp\glbasic\".
To get there
-  press WINKEY+R
-  type "%appdata%\.."
-  windows explorer will open and the you can go to folder "\Local\Temp\glbasic\"

Time will come. It's just a matter of time...


Thank you.

I thought they would just be placed inside each individual project folder rather then overriding for each project compliation.


Yes, this is some kind of 'issue' if You have multiple projects opened and want to compile them, as each time temp directory is cleared and whole project need to be recompiled.
About that html5, I have no idea, from what I see, now emscripten needs to be downloaded separately and some environment variables need to be set, and I don't want to play with this for now. But there are some users that should help You with this questions ;)
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Yes, would be nice to see this improved upon in a later version maybe? I will have a play around with emscripten.


Yes, an option to directly create a folder like "MYPROG.translate" (and not just """) with only the C sources would be a good idea.

For Emscripten, I had a lot of problems (especially in 3D), but it seems that it works very well for others.
I think for 2D there is not too much problem.