Started to developing new Sprite Scaling game

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Hi all

After few projects I did with Unity it's time to do something for RETRO-memories.
And what's better to program this as GlBasic? Well, I found nothing.
I started a new game project. It's still very early state but if you like you can watch the actual state on my site

Edit 01.05.2018: @post #11 short demo for download
Time will come. It's just a matter of time...




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Video on your website looks super smooth - is this game in GLB then?
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Yep this looks really great and the video is awesome! I really enjoyed the details like the bullets hitting the water.
I first thought it was more like an Operation Wolf type game. :-[

Well done, let a demo loose at some point! :good:


Yes, Space Harrier is the main influence
The video is 30fps but on real hardware (normal Intel onboard graphic) it runs on 60fps  :)
It's all written in GlBasic. In my opinion GlBasic is heavy underrated. Performance is good and it doesn't have this huge overload like Unity
It seems since 3D-polygon graphics came, no one made anymore games like this (except bad 3D remakes)
Time will come. It's just a matter of time...

Ian Price

I absolutely love SEGA's sprite-scaling games of yore - AfterBurner, ThunderBlade, Space Harrier, OutRun et al, so have to say that this definitely looks like you hit the nail right on the head. Superb stuffage.

Keep us informed :)
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looks great and like that way the cockpit moving.
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Some small progress done:
- gameplay -> weapon change
- graphics -> palmtrees, bungalows, octopus

see updated video on website
Time will come. It's just a matter of time...


Have to say this looks fab - was the sprite scaling done with a library or just from scratch - v nice
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It's a very cool game and I like the pseudo 3d and scanlines retro effects. The graphics are very good too.
Good luck, and finish it!! :good: :good:


It's all done with X_SPRITE, without any optimization.
Time will come. It's just a matter of time...


Well. In the attachement you will find a short demo (endlessloop) to get the feel of the game.
Of course it's uncomplete. Just unzip to your desired folder.

Move = arrowkeys
Shoot = spacekey
Time will come. It's just a matter of time...


Plays nice and smooth - just like the video! :)

very nice!
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Nice presentation, the in game visuals are superb.
I tried it with my joypad using JOYTOKEY and it also worked nicely.


Very nice project, feels like in old days.. I hope that you plan to finish that and push it on Steam/Android.
Demo works without problems even on Intel hd2000 (only some strange slowdowns when pressing 1,2 buttons), it would be interesting to see it on mobile device, maybe then some optimization would be needed for slower devices, but you will see, as you mentioned GLB don't have such overhead as more popular larger tools..
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