Wumbo's Adventure for Android

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Kitty Hello


Should be free for a frew days. I'd welcome you to put a positive feedback on the play store :)


Will download for my tablet later today :)
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Paul Smith

Oh no it wont even load, Screen changes orientation then "Wumbo has stopped"
tried reinstalling but same thing

Moto G5 v7.0
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Works fine here, but I don´t seem to be getting music.


Same issue as above, orientation changes to landscape, message 'Wumbo has stopped' pops in and thats all, Xiaomi 4A - Android 7.0...
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Paul Smith

I get this on certain android OSs if I try to use media that has not loaded. That's if it is that

I normally stick to this rule on Android


Amstrad CPC 6128, ATARI STE.
Acer  SW5-173 & AMD RYZEN 7,RTX 3060TI

Ian Price

I tried it on two Android devices - phone and tablet. Both worked, but I didn't get sound or music. Also the on-screen help text is tiny and unreadable to my aged eyes.

I also notice that there appeared to be something behind the countdown timer - maybe it's a graphic, but again, to my eyes it just looked like a corrupted square image. And the time text is small too.

Played OK though. :)
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full path is still property required on Android for some reasons.
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