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This is a collection of various fonts created by the Font Creator program over the years.  A fair few fonts are white, but some are other colours too...

Ian Price:
Can't look at them, as I'm at work but I'm sure they're all good :)

Are these fonts public domain/royalty free? Any associated licence?

Shouldn't be any license problems - as they are just fonts created by the GLBasic Font Creator program :)

Oooh, and this now my 6000 post :)

Ian Price:
Ah, but even if they are created randomly - the person who pressed the button to capture the images is still the copyright holder.

There was a case recently where a monkey took its own picture on someone's camera. There was uproar from the heaving masses that the guy sold the photo, as he didn't have copyright! -

The fonts uses are the internal ones in Windows - most likely Windows 7 at the time, so it should be fine there...


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