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Got a new website somewhat up and running now :

The most important part are my TSetup examples running in HTML 5 (I managed to find out what was stopping everything from working properly - namely SETSCREEN)...


Very very cool the Design!!!  :good: , I like a lot, the 2 colors are very very good combinated...
I like a lot, if you want I include in my Blog of the Black Sun tell me, else no problem...



Nice, this is the first use of GLBs HTML 5 I've seen outside Gernots demos, well done!  :booze:


"It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC.  As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration."
(E. W. Dijkstra)


I really like the site´s visual. :good: <3

You are really good at simple designs Mr.T , I find those the hardest to make.

Gave a go on the html demo, it took a while to load here, but worked perfectly.

It is probably at early stages on the content side but,
do you plan to add some sort of link/descriptions of your books maybe? A favicon too?


Glad you all like it!

It'll be worth adding links to my books, and will be done soon(ish).


 It'll be worth adding links to my books, and will be done soon(ish).

I think this commes for me, ins't?¿...

The answer it's NO!!! the first because I always try to give a hand, and your answers are a bit of 15 year old-guy, a bit stupids ok...

I say about the Blog becuase It's a Blog not something your are selling, OK?¿...

And now how you are administrator, and you have "some" of power in the forum (the power are of user like me we pay for GLBasic and reply to the 95% of the answers, not of 4 administrators, well if you think you are a good administrator, if the forum was mine a couple of guys are giving work in the job office), cancel my account, really " me suda los cojones" , from sometime to here the pople in the English forum seems thay turn idiot, and I do more for GLbasic than the 80% of the forum speaking... if you troubles I have too , and I try to tract whit respect to all people, and if anyone disturb my englush speak the *love making* Spanish , it's the 3rd languaje in the world in internet...


Sorry mentalthink, can we please not post things like this. I understand what you are saying, but I think you misunderstood MrT's comment - it didn't appear to be a personal reply/insult to you or neglecting your very valuable input. Regards. Ian


Quote from: mentalthink on 2013-Jul-07
I think this commes for me, ins't?¿...
Hi mentalthink. I agree with you, and we all appreciate and thank you for all your invaluable contributions to this forum. It's clear that most of the assistance given here come from a few good coders such as yourself.

However, I believe that you may have misunderstood MrTAToad's reply. He was simply saying that he planned to add links to his books in his new website soon, and was in no way referring to, or refusing your offer to include his website in your blog. Clearly, no disrespect intended.

Sólo un malentendido honesto mi amigo. Sin faltar el respeto previsto. Todos somos amigos aquí. Si lo desea, puede incluso borrar su mensaje.
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Sorry if you think you were being ignored, but I only had time for a quick reply to the last person.

I certainly didn't want to refuse your kind offer...

Jonás Perusquía

Que entendiste mentalthink? Creo que no tenia intencion de ofenderte, :)
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