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Yes, that is a right pain.  Don't like the game anyway...


Me neither Mr.T.

But the way ads are into the shufflepuck cantina (shufflepuck cafe remake) are quite ok for me.
ps: :-[ heck I suspect I already posted about it before...maybe I´m getting redundant. :S :-[


We're going off-topic here. The question isn't about debating which ads work which don't what people like and what people don't. In-App Purchases, Ads and Social Gaming are the benchmark, can we get GLB to this benchmark, this is the real question we need to be discussing and asking ourselves here. |

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Would be a great start to have fully woking IAP.
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I'm hoping I can implement IAP for my next update. Anyone can guide me in the right direction.
I want it working for any iOS 4.3 or higher.
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Whis is a game created by my friends and its only inApp purchases they are make a lot of money ...
I think that inApp purchases and few other things should be added ...

I Love GLBasic but becouse its missing thie few features im looking for other similar software :AGK, Monkey, Construct2, Citrus engine they are very good but im really have a fun coding in GLB and i believe that this features will be added ...

glbasic roxx !!!


Yeah I'm finding it quite frustrating not to have everything out-of-the-box. I'm loving GLB, but I am thinking of looking at other options now as I've waited to see what develops and there's nothing concrete to determine if anything is being done to provide such functionality. I'm hoping GLB 11 will have these features as standard (even with another purchase(upgrade) option) but I'm beginning to think that we will only have HTML5. I'm just guessing, but there's been no discussion of GLB 11 features other than HTML5 on these boards.

Feeling sad .... |

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I know that is surely some more work, but many others game langage ( like Monkey ) already contain AdMod/iAd support out-of the box ! So it is surely a needed plus for GlBasic.

Any serious mobile coder knows that unless you have a real advertisement campaign for your app/game, in-app ad like leadbolt/admob/iad are the only way to monetize the time spent on the dev.

Please, consider it  ;)


Hi, Using GLBasic I created a little meditation app and charge $1.99 for it, after sales have slowed down I thought i'd create a free/lite version to hopefully entice people to take the next step. So I created a dumbed down version of my app with a bit of advertising telling people in the app what they will get with the full paid version, submitted the lite version to apple for review, I was starting to think something was wrong when they told me my app "requires additional review time", then came the dreaded rejected email.. anyway their response of my lite version is below.

"Rather than providing a lite or trial version, you may wish to use In App Purchase to provide access to purchasing additional application features. In App Purchase provides a seamless, in app purchasing experience for your users, and an improved selling experience for you. "

Looks like they are trying to push people to upgrading the app in the app using in app purchase..


Even more reasons to fully support in app purchase I'm afraid.

This all moves very fast and we are falling behind.
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That sound at ýou have did a demo version of a full version, when you advertising what you will get in the full version. That is what Apple call that as a Demo. You should only do a link to the paid version, not elsewise.

Anyway im did forget to look on the Android inapp system, due other reason not to been doing here. But when im look on InApp, im can only do that with the Android version, not iOS. IM thinks Android is a bit more important than iOS here.

Im have no release date about when and how its would been done.

Howover its would been pretty nice to see possible to expand GLBASIC with extensions for multiply platforms, just like what AMOS could for Amiga. Not just with functions.
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today im looked on the iOS part, then im found this InApp Store system:

im thinks glbasic can uses that very well and look like a great inapp store system from iOS5 and up (here om dont care iOS4 and under is unsupported).

Im hope in the end, its can been integrated something to this in glbasic:
Code (glbasic) Select

// is the inapp item available?
FUNCTION InAppPurchase_isAvailable: iID$
DEPRINT("InAppPurchase_isAvailable: "+iID$)
LOCAL ok=GetStr$(InApp_HashID$(iID$), "Purchases")

// purchase button pressed, start the purchase progress!
FUNCTION InAppPurchase_Activate: iID$
DEPRINT("InAppPurchase_Activate(): "+iID$)

// A Purchase have just been activated and then its should been saved here locally
FUNCTION InAppPurchase_Finished: iID$
DEPRINT("InAppPurchase_Finished(): "+iID$)
SetStr(InApp_HashID$(iID$), "Purchases", 1)

// you most do a restore feature for IOS to keep Apple happy to recover all
// perlament purchased items. Its handled by this function and might return
// a error to INAPPERROR$
FUNCTION InAppPurchase_Restore:

// this function checking any ongoing purchases and callback when done.
// mustbeen done IN the main loop, where items is used
// (its dont spam the inapp-servers IF no purchases is done)
FUNCTION InAppPurchase_Update:


// hash an item to save locally when a purchase have been succed.
DEPRINT("InApp_HashID$(): "+DID$)

// some replaceID, because the ingame ID mightbeen different then the store
// item id (AND even various on platforms). This function is called internal,
// but you must return correct ID.
FUNCTION InApp_ReplaceID$: iID$
IF iID$="item 01" OR iID$="0" THEN RETURN ""
IF iID$="item 02" OR iID$="1" THEN RETURN ""

this is just a stump code of course for faking purchases for Windows, but hope glbasic functions can been shared between OS.

PS. Im have seen the old inapp code and there is some thing missing, so its more work than excepted (of course).
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im just got the iOS Storekit to accept purchase a non consumable item in Greedy Mouse with iOS (which im trought im would done Android version first here). Howover needing to checkout the restore feature. But that mkstorekit can work very well with glbasic. Of course only tested in the sandbox version, but its seen all works.

howover its uses uniqueIdentifier doing for iOS5 only, but Apple reject that today. Howover im found this, which can fix that issue:

The controller its self have not been used yet, but just want to been the safe side. Also Im guess Gernot could uses that to for the platform id, so its can more unique.

EDIT: That code diddent work, but then im used OpenUDID instead, which was very easy to do.

Howover its still early on that term.
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im have finally implemted inapp purchases to Greedy Mouse in iOS version, and seen its succesfull working with the sandboxing version. The only thing im still missing is the price information.

So im highly recommered to uses mkstorekit for integrate inapp purchases to iOS (even the require few change to avoid using the depracted UDID function, but to uses openUdid instead).

im will release the code after when im sendt v1.4 to Apple and that version got approved. Im will do that in the Bonus section. Im think in the middle or in end of the september.

So its still possible with iOS5 and iOS6 doing that. Howover iOS 4.3 and down will NOT supported inapp purchases at all, but here, im dont care.

PS. Now im need to done the very delayed Android & OUYA inapp purchases by using the same glbasic functions, so its seamless as possible can uses trhought multiplatform.
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Ok so Space we can say that the thing you are doing will work for iOS 4.3+ right?

If thats the case I cannot wait for your tutorial.

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