So, OUYA. Will YA?

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I don't have an OUYA, and don't really have the time to do anything with it at the moment (am doing native PS Vita dev), but I am helping a friend get his native SDL code working with it.

This is effectively the same as how it works for GLBasic, so once I'm finished I will add the same code to the AndroidExtras.

It should be pretty simple to use and I'm trying to ensure that there is little to no latency involved. 

The biggest down side is the version of Android SDK required - everybody using this will need to have an updated SDK as OUYA is API 16 (4.1).  (The SDK needs updating if you want Google Play Services support too).   Having to provide instructions on how to do this for GLB is a pain, so I was hoping that Gernot would do this as part of the next beta first.



Its might or still might work with sdk 2.2, but is worried about that to. Howover the few imported function did fine, but totally untested to I'm got mine.

Fivesprites, if you did succesfull update the sdk in glbasic, why not give that to Gernot?
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I did update the SDK in GLB, yes.  It's easy enough to do, but does mean a lot more files (HUGE amount of disk space).  I was going to try to reduce this and then send through to Gernot.



look like im did finally succesfull too here today (updating both NDK and SDK to Api 14). Its tooke some time, but im dont think its easy for anyone, a lots of files need replacing and not anything. The main trouble was the Android.bat, which im still need the old version, but seen its dosent bother yet (xcopy issue).

The game did still work on my Samsung Tab2 (using Jeally Bean), but still need testing on a older device like HTC Desire (which have 2.3). If its works on that old device, then im say SDK updating to a least V4.0 would been pretty much safe, so we dont need two SDK's. That would sace a lots of disk space. Howover by now the best is simply adding a new console by now in the future beta 11 (and then eventuelly remove, if possible in the final v11).

This console do accept v4.0 SDK for full support, this because NDK do only support API 14, so there is no reason updating the SDK to a higher version (trought the build tools use a higher API).

Im stil want seperating tempprojects, so you can pick up, which you cant doing that. Its would been easier to implement OYUA. But its would been possible to support its in glbasic, even you might require a sdk/ndk update (if im can do that, then Gernot can too, im happy to send that later as well)....

There is still BUILD STAGE 2 issue as well and hanging after this:
Code (glbasic) Select

BUILD STAGE 2: Build DEBUG and install on device
   [subant] No sub-builds to iterate on
    [javac] Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xms256m -Xmx512m

but its a minor issues as all APK's do compile correctly me seen.

PS. monitor-x64_64 and monitor-x64 folders seen save to remove (which diddent contain in currect glbasic as well). That can shave a lots of MB.
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Im just got my Ouya from the postal today on those minuttes (with one joypad, so in firs version, its will onlt supports one joypad). its seen im will face one little problem:

If this game could been native supported with out AndroidExtras, then a new native call need to been used. That function should feed by the returned value to a new joypad and feed them with values. etc some like this:



onNativeButton(JOYNAME$, ButtonNr, Value)

Then im could deviver all inputs to those commands. Howover if not possible, a javacall need to been required in eachloop to get the buttons (via a function of course).

Im do think the touch senative could route as its was a mouse.

Howover in this week im setup this console and checkout how its does, so you will hear more than me. The joypad itsself does fell pretty nice. 

PS. Damn.... No EU ADB adapter plug (they uses a ADB adater, but only included the GB one, unlike HP Touchpad, which included both). So no test today.
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Hey space, congrats on the new hardware!
Let us know your impressions.


Hi tanks, its was about 1-2 week faster than excepted. So im was a some surpriced about that :-D. Its really a smallest console im have got.

Howover im do first im need a UK -> EU prop adapter, so im need to tomorrow or thursday, before im can plug that one in and begin fiffle about that one.

Joypad do fell pretty nice as first impression, when have its on the hand. Its can fell a bit cheap, but its does the job, which is most important. So its more how its about with eventuelly lag as well the more important trackpad issue. Howover in Greedy Mouse, its trackpad could been use as a "look on the map" thing.

But im will post more about more impression, when im have powered it.
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Jonás Perusquía

Congratulations!!! I still haven't bought mine, but i surely will :)!
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today im just got the power adapter, so im could test this console out. (EDITED TO SHORTING THE POST)

The first impression:
- Trackpad is somewhere imprecision and hence, so should not uses its as a mouse. So dont use trackpad for pointing for buttons, but using its as scrolling etc is ok for its use. Im think the trackpad is simply too seneative, but its can been usable in some games throught if used right.
- There was around 100ms input latacy in Giana Sisters HD when jumping (sometimes more). Its can been noticeable, and framerate is not that high here (around 16-20fps). Its can been the reason.
- Shadowrun played very nice, good framerate, but got heavy input lag some times. Not sure why, its can because the console was behind joypad and that why im holded the joypad. So its can been soft hardware or software issue yet (but did heard some Unity games do suffers here).
- Canabelt HD did not  have such of latacy or notiacle at all (im like you can use either button or analog to jump), here running in 60fps. Mightbeen some MS, but not very notiable.
- League of Evil seen did not suffer any input lag problem, dispite only running 30fps.

Lag issues like above is property why im allways uses wired joypads.... Im thinks have seen that before with other controllers as well. Howover the input lag issue seen is fixable, so how its perform with Glbasic, then im will checkout later this week. Im hope can do a once java call to get all inputs.
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ADB even not working on that one, despite its all installed correctly. So im can only do one thing: Reinstall Windows 7 compeltly before countinue with Android thing.
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Ok, I grabbed myself an Ouya today so expect some AndroidExtras updates soon!

Spacefractal - will work with you via e-mail to find best solution if you like :)



Currectly im are under reinstall Windows 7 due all those issues im have in month and later to much trouble with adb, which did not work anymore at all (mostly required by ouya to install, which im have not seen a APK installer yet). That take some time those days.

Im dont think Ouya is a really hard one. The hard one is property the inapp purchases (required for money), not the controller itself (its best to do one java call to retrive all inputs into a string and then "explode" that string in glbasic code in a function to prevents eventuelly lags).

Howover the main trouble its would been best to seperate this as a new template project, which is solely due inapp-purchase, which is different than Google Play using. So those are of course imcompatible (even using around same functions). That is same with Samsung Apps and Google Play license thing. So we should do a request to Gernot to possible to add new project templates to choice from.

So me thinks its should called "Ouya Android Extras".

Nice you get that console too  :good:

Just contact me, if you have any, and im happy to send to you. Im have also integrated ours with me with glbasic 11.414 (but still suffer about multi tasking issues) and sdk 4.0 (which im choiced to use here). We should send the wole Android folder you as well, if you want. Im did deleted few uneeded thing (the monitor one is not used).
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Great first impressions space.

Heck, the fps and the control delays (100ms! heck! :O) seem a bit on the low. Probably some update from may fix it.
But it sounds as the console has a few critical issues right on release? Really strange, I would expect a bit more polish on that.

About the inapp purchase part. Is it still that all oyeah games must be freemium?
I´d wish I could release my game to that platform, but there is no way it could work with such cause of its design.

Anyways, great efforts guys! I am not much help when it comes to android and java, but let me know if I can help somehow.


All games are free with IAP to purchase full version, so integration with OUYA IAP is a must.

Also, if you're considering selling apps then you have to fill in a form W8-BEN which is a pain in the proverbial! 

I've tried a few games (Fist of Awesome by one of my friends is brilliant) but I have to say, the controller is pretty ugh.  I plugged in a PS3 controller and once that synced I found it better to use but the latency is still there :(

The WiFi is also pretty bad - I keep getting disconnected for some unknown reason.

And I have no idea why, but when I connected the OUYA to my monitor it dropped down to a very low resolution!  Works great on the TV though.

Don't think I'll be able to play with it much tonight though as I have some PS Vita development work to do, but hopefully this weekend :)



Yes in have no idea what they want about w8-ben and why? Its can been a issue with its self and property need a contact. That part might prevent me selling the game. But let see. With samsung apps took also some attepts as well (even apple required a contact).

I'm use LAN here, due some general slowdown wifi internal (I'm have issues with mac as well in internal network).
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