Leap Motion controller

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I got a developer leap motion controller and wondering if anyone has attempted to inline the libraries at all to see if they can integrate it with GLBasic.


The question ist who has the dev device and the libs, too?  :good:


hope mine comes soon :)
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Seems like a quite interesting hardware!

I have been looking for solutions on this matter ever since I saw johnny chung´s projects:

This Leap motion controller seems like a really good alternative, and not too expensive either...I´m tempted.


Yap nö Big Deal , send it to me !

So ist needs a Cam or Not ?

Kitty Hello

Nice price. Will get one too. And one of those Stick'n Find things.


I will try research it a little more before jumping in, I wonder about specs, resolution and possible visual delays.


I will get a devkit, too!  :good:


Hey Finnk, would share a bit of your experience with that device?
It is really tempting getting one, specially if I could link it to some productivity apps like photoshop or lightwave.


I got it free from Leap Motion by applying as a developer.

It detects all your fingers (and pretty much any pointing device shaped like one) in 3D space above the device. It seems to knows the rotation and position. It's not a mouse, but I'm sure you could figure out how to use it as one. I've only used it with the visualizer and it seems pretty good. More accurate with fewer fingers just because other fingers can get in the way.

The device gets very warm. Almost hot, when in use.

I was wondering if anyone else implemented it GLBasic because I really don't know much about inlining and time is not a luxury. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to share the libs.


I see. I was wondering if it comes with any tools that help match some aspects of it...like for example, I have a tool that reads the joystick as mouse control and maps it to certain key presses and so on. So I can use the dual analog joy while on 3d lightwave or photoshop. I wonder if it comes with such a thing.