3D in GLBasic games

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I think some of the excuses are not related to 2D as that would be the only graphical alternative. For example, there's no sort of spotlight command in 2D.  :zzz:


3d = ddd ian  :D


lights are important !
shadows not really.
physx are cool .
create a terrain is cool.

id like to see openb3d for mobile ! the rest is not really necessary or ?

Ian Price

I have played with 3D in GLBasic and got some good results on pc, however mobile devices weren't quite so good (strange texture and lighting issues) - and that's my target platform. So I stick to 2D.

I'm not against 3D, but the games I've wanted to make have pretty much all been 2D (and probably wouldn't have been improved in 3D). I do have several game ideas in mind that would definitely benefit from 3D though and I will get around to making them at some point.
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I normally write applications for my own study and amusement, but not many games. This is because, with very few exceptions, there is no game that I can write which can compete with the quality and brute man-hours which go into professional games. (Especially with 3-D) At one time the solo hobbyist could write engaging games to show off and share with his friends, and indeed, at one time I was in the habit of pulling all-nighters, just coding away. But those days ended around the time the C=128 came on the market. (There are, of course, even today, a few notable exceptions.)

No, these days I program as a way to explore subjects which grab my attention and about which I desire a deeper understanding; especially those applications for which suitable commercial software does not exist. I've written programs to explore probability, random walks, fractals, Conway's The Game of Life, Turing Machines, Mandelbrot sets, the Monty Hall problem, creating bar-codes (and several home applications for them), and more. Currently I'm discovering all sorts of deliciously mind-twisty things related to color wheels and the 16.58 million colors (255^3) we can display. I'll write up a report on that and share it in the near future. These are the sorts of things I do.

I'd like to share a couple of my more interesting examples. You have, no doubt, heard of the so-called "Bible Codes", by which a certain author popularized the notion that predictions of dramatic modern disasters, such as the space-shuttle blowing up, or 911, were "encoded" the Bible? It's all BS, of course. It boils down to playing Boggle with the text; a banal word-search using various skip rates by which a person can hunt for loaded terms in any text at all. And the ancient languages in which the bible was written are particularly suited to the game because there are no letters for vowels. This leaves the searcher free to sprinkle in vowels at will and dramatically increases the probability that some sort of "match" for loaded words can be found. I once wrote an application to hunt for these sorts of hidden "messages" in the text of other books which I downloaded for free from the Gutenberg Project.

I was once a member of a Bulletin Board (in the days before the internet) which was all but taken over by a passionate fellow who was convinced that George H. Bush was the Anti-Christ, and he wanted to warn the world using the Biblically  inspired mathematics by which George Bush's letters summed to the number of the beast, 666. Several of us tried to explain how the game was played, and that his numbers were no more than that, a game; but there was no talking to him. He couldn't imagine how anyone could come up with such a remarkable fit. So I wrote a little program which used brute-force to search for all combinations of numbers which summed to 666, using this fellow's name, John P Boatwright, based on the periodic table of the elements and a quote from the bible linking Satan to the earth. Well, that shut him up good. I even gave him all sorts of statistics about how vanishingly low the odds were that his name would sum to 666, purely by chance; so there was no denying the God's Divinely Revealed TRUTH that HE was the spawn of Satan. I even concentrated on elements with strong parallels to corruption, fire, or Satan. (Such as Nickle, which once had the nick-name 'Satan's Copper' for its heat resistance; or phosphorus, which was first isolated from urine and has a strong association with Sulfur, Fire and Brimstone.)  You can't buy an application to do that sort of thing!

So, 3D is nice and all; and I may one day dip my toes into the water out of pure curiosity, but 3D just isn't in my scope at this time, given the riches I still mine from pure 2D. GL-Basic is light-years ahead of the old Q-Basic, which is why I like it. I especially like the ability to control graphics on a pixel level -a thing I could never do when I programed in Visual-Basic. Basic is slow by its very nature, but it suits my needs and abilities well enough. Cheers!



Not an easy 3d in my book but I can´t be counted as a tried-miss in no way. I really never tried enough of 3d to have an opinion but a couple tests.

There are lots of fronts we could be improving other then 3d, like sound or better support to mobiles or 2d stuff and so on.
I guess it must be really hard to keep up a multiplatform dev tool that can reach it all like I said in some other post about new platforms.

With the constant so many changes in mobiles...I guess it brings a hardcore situation in.

It would be nice to chip in in what exactly is a good path for GLB development but it is really hard to tell.
I have my personal going arounds and that thanks to everyone here :good:... but other fellas may have different opinions and struggles on other fronts.

For me I wait for next release...
After such it sounds better to discuss?

But yeah, I´m on the ´increase 3d´ boat (please please there must be some support to lightwave gasp cogh gaaarh will you push me to try?? I can´t do 2+2 gah!)


As a technology, 3D is great. However the sins of my past include many game conversions where I took 2D games into 3D, and I always feel like something was lost in the process. Personally I've fallen back in love with 2D gameplay and graphics, it is the new black. Most of the non-professional 3D games just don't look right to me. I expect a 3D game to look like it's running on the Unreal engine with the same level of detail. 2D games have more character and we seem to be able to accept their flaws more readily.


I learned programming in the time where C64 and Amiga were the most popular computers in germany. My love for 2D bases on this part of computer history ! ;-)


AmazingJas, I think of that too, about style in 3d which is hard to find.

But well thinking of it, there are some. I love the frontier elite II flat curved polygons 3d, I like wireframe games. Interstate 76 was great in visual too. There are a few 3d+pixel art that works great, and so on.

It easier to find a 3d styled game on the ´chase for photoreal´ or cartoon and these past years on the ´minecraft style´ but I think it can be put to good use artwise.


im would pretty sure its could been fun to do a 2d/3d games, using 3d as models, rest in 2d, extractly what we did in Jungool. Here im thinks GlBasic is excellent. Personly its was not 3d im brought GLbasic, due im still like to create 2d games (A game, that took longer time than excepted, hehe).
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MacReeg, I understand and the Amiga was the first real 3D producer but don't remember doing any AMOS 3D, so 2D goes way back but after dabbling in VB Direct X, DarkBasic and Blitz that GLB3D introduced simple 3D BASIC to me. 


Quote from: backslider on 2013-Mar-22
At the moment I'm developing a pipeline from Blender to GLBasic using the EntitySystem and the main thing is done I think.

Hi backslider!

Is there a way to get any Blender animation export into the ddd format for GLbasic?

I'm busy with my 2D project but would love to introduce some 3D into the next ones. I'm struggling with time and the ddd format.
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"At the moment I'm developing a pipeline from Blender to GLBasic using the EntitySystem and the main thing is done I think."

Its Awesome ... Im using blender in my work every day

glbasic roxx !!!