Need to record sound on android phone device

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I need to record sound, but cant see anything that does it, Yes I know there's a small piece of code which uses a dll, but that doesn't work on android phone, only windows.  see

I am amazed that GLBasic has no option to do this, or there's no code on here, If i'm wrong, sorry. It would be nice to have it as standard.

Can any one help, I need to write a app that records sounds.

Best regards John.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Welcome!!!

I think you have to use real Xcode "Objective - C" and GLBasic joining...

In the forum you can find some manner to do it... I think not it's too much complex but I don´t make complex things using objective-C and GLbasic...

Perhaps someone answer your question... but in the forum you can find info...

Regards, and welcome to the Community.


On Android, you may need to access the SDL Mixer via some inline C++ to access recording. Gernot did mention beefing up the sound commands though, maybe he is the guy to ask?


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