HP To Shut Down WebOS Operations

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Quote from: okee on 2011-Aug-23
Do you know anyone in the US that can buy it for you ?
I have a link to a site in the US, their stock had about 5000
yesterday and this morning 32gb for 149, dropped today to
790 now 688. I got a friend to order one for me and he seems
to think it went through ok.
You should PM that link to people here on this forum...
...like me. :D
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check my web and/or my blog :D
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Kitty Hello

that's plain stupid. WebOS is in any ways superior to Android.

Ian Price

Unfortunately, Android appears to have much more life in it. WebOS's future is looking less than rosy.

Didn't stop me splashing out on an eBay TouchPad though - still got a bargain, just not as good as the Firesale price. Staples never delivered and didn't even have the courtesy to inform me whether or not my order was cancelled or not. They made no contact with me at all. They've lost my custom for good now.
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It's still a good OS, hopefully HP will do the right thing and open-source it.


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There's a rumour Samsung are interested in buying webOS: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/08/29/amsung_thinking_of_webos_acquisition/

I'm not sure I believe it, especially now Bada 2 has multitasking and web apps, but it might be true.



Samsung should give up BADA to use WebOS instead....

Ian Price

Quote from: yoxola on 2011-Aug-30
Samsung should give up BADA to use WebOS instead....
According to some online reports/rumours, that may well be what they are doing - http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/tech-industry/3299894/samsung-to-buy-webos-recruits-hp-exec/

They've confirmed they're not buying into the HP pc business, but did not state they weren't buying into webOS...
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Latest news is that HP will get them in stock again in "a couple of weeks".


No news on what they will cost or any other details, but there will be more.
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so it was all a marketing move afterall!  :P

Kitty Hello

$299 + $39.90 shipping. I'll get one now :(

Ian Price

I came. I saw. I played.


Shocker. Which smiley is for sarcasm BTW?

No surprise considering the amount of money they were brand new. It seems like it's getting standard (ie. a massive scam because a couple of big companies did it a couple of times and we didn't riot) to stuff exchange rates and just make dollars the same number as pounds, even though most of this stuff is made in China... So $500 is £500. Hmm, best make it look better... £449... Queue lots of whining about American local taxes. Yawn...

To be honest I was seriously shocked when the firesale price was £89. I know the US had a hell of a discount but I was expecting more like £200 in the UK. At least. We love to get ripped off here. Possibly a typo by a UK staff member? Or a newbie who just assumed it should be a similar good price. Hopefully those 5 UK developers get good use out of their cheap tablet.... <sarcasm/>

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