Author Topic: About a next platform for developing, can be something like Vita  (Read 1632 times)

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Hi I think this was comment somethime ago, but Glbasic can be in the future compile for the most powerfull handhelds consoles, I read somthing about the license, but I don´t remenber well about this.

And another point, but I think it´s more interesting, about the TV games, I think this it´s a very virgin field, and but I don´t have any idea about how programming this devices and the license. I comment this, becuase the C.E.O of interactive FX (in the 80´s this guy was the president of Dinamic), Dinamic was the most important videogame enterprise in the 80´s in Spain, but in a new Documental, this guy comment this:
 he say,:- "the Tv game it´s a very huge field to explore, and well TV have anybody in his house".

It´s only an idea, how I sayed I don´t have nothing knowledeges about the complexity about programming a TV Device, and offcourse, I supposed at the beggin the prices about this new TV´s it´s comming very expensive.

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Licensing for major consoles works like this:
You can't develop OR buy middleware unless you're licensed developer.

So in order to use GLBasic on Vita both Gernot and you would have to be registered with Sony. And Vita version should be separated from "regular" GLB version. That's how Unity does it for example.

BUT, truth is, the licensing procedure, for Sony at least, has been considerably relaxed lately. Sony has even given away FREE Vita devkits to indie developers - nudge, nudge, Gernot!

As for TVs - just wait until Android gets up there. TV manufactures have to introduce new features each year in order to sell same hardware yet again.
This year it's 3D - next year it will be TVs with Android, then TVs with Android and touchscreen, then TVs with Windows8 and touchscreen and Kinect :P... 
TVs are nothing more than slightly bigger tablets, anyway.  ;) All hardware exists already.
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Interesting thing about Sony, they are allowing a lot more Indie Developers for the Vita. They don't want to run into the problem as they did with the PSP which had basically no games and pretty much was on it's death bed ever since it was born. I wouldn't be surprised if they opened up allowing Android Apps on it.
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