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Hi all-

I have previously worked with Bigsofty to convert my VCL to the iPhone (via GLB).

I now need to introduce 3 upgrades (1, 2 and 3) to this project in order to move on to v2.

1.   Replace the current medical equipment model with a more realistic one.
2.   Introduce a new medical equipment model.
3.   Following 1 or 2, introduce iPhone accelerometer-specific new functionality.

In each case I will supply all media, the original GLB project files and a functional specification document detailing the precise changes required.

I believe that upgrade 1 is relatively straightforward and although knowledge of GLB's 'entity system' is desirable (probably more so for 2 & 3) its not strictly necessary for 1 (1 is more of a 'rip & replace' of the current 3D model with another very similar one), although 3D knowledge would be highly beneficial.

Upgrade 2 would probably require knowledge of both GLB's entity system and 3D modelling, as the medical equipment model's movement range is slightly expanded.

Upgrade 3 requires introduction of iPhone specific functionality which must be both developed in GLB and tested on an iPhone. Upgrade 3 must follow on from either 1 or 2.

To preserve continuity, I'd prefer one person to take on all 3 upgrades although in reality I'd be happy to split these out. I also think this work (taken as a whole by one developer) would be an ideal project for someone who wishes to learn more about GLB & 3D and would like to break in to iPhone development as the project code is already very well documented and set up to deploy a potentially very immersive & reusable 3D environment to the iPhone.

Additionally Bigsofty has previously indicated that he may be able to provide some advice where necessary regarding queries around the current structure of the project code.

Please PM or e mail me ( in the 1st instance- I'd be happy to discuss further with anyone who might be interested.

Cheers, Shawnus


I believe I have now reached an agreement with a member of the GLB community to work on this, therefore I'd like to now withdraw this work request offer. Thanks!

Cheers, Shawnus