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Ian Price

I'm not terribly clued up on this - what exactly does this do? Surely Apple can't analyse your code, so is this looking for something in GLB dependencies? If so, then surely GLB has passed the test as there are numerous GLB games/apps available.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick, otherwise what exactly in your code would it be looking for?

Downloaded anyway.

Cheers :)
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Private API's are routines that only Apple themselves use or are used by other API's - either way programmers outside of Apple shouldn't use them (and they aren't usually documented).

I suspect its a program for all AppStore programs - however, as its bad practise to use these restricted API's anyway, you have to wonder whether programmers have been following all the rules and regulations set down by Apple.  If not, it would help to explain why quite a few products aren't exactly stable...