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SIN and COS, Rotational and Circular Math.

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HI Hemlos, I don´t look this thraed before, but explained perfectly!!!...

I´m glad if you can make some tutorials but whit more complex Maths... you are good whit Maths.. :booze:

As I used it again today, here is a brief summary. How to rotate a point around the 0,0 origin?
your point is P(x,y). Write it as a complex number, a +ib    i.e. a=x and b=y. When you rotate this point by an angle theta, you multiply this complex number by e^(i theta) = cos(theta) +i sin(theta).
You end up with a rotated point P2{X,Y} with X = a cos(theta) - b sin(theta)  and Y = b cos(theta) + a sin(theta).
If you want to rotate something anywhere in the xy plane, first "move" it to the 0,0 origin, rotate it, and then put it back where it was.
Good luck!

PS X and Y are AXES not planes.
EDIT// // // sorry, X is my favorite plane: "X plane" is a superb flight simulator, FAA certified.

All book marked! so much good info! :good:


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